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Tin Series (Skookum Cannabis) – Chocolate Samurai


AAAA Grade | Tin Series | Sativa | Organic

14 grams | $150

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Chocolate Samurai

Chocolate Samurai is a cross of  Jack Herer, Chocolope, Shiatsu Kush and Nebula. Grown with love in living soil by our friends at Skookum Cannabis. Pale lime green and thumb-shaped while sporting a tight chainmail of frosty trichomes. Cracking your tin is a delight. Sugary aromas mingle with berry, citrus and a hint of stone fruit. Sweet and luscious in a joint and vape alike.

Soaring and thoughtful effects that sparkle onward for hours. Excellent for delving deep into a project or crushing an intricate puzzle with close ones. A chatty and social buzz endures throughout, making this ideal for the daytime. Balanced and euphoric while it will surely liven spirits. Don’t miss out on this craft-grown gem! While supplies last.

Lab tested at 21% THC and 1% CBN

Flavours: Citrus, Sweet, Berry, Stone Fruit, Smooth
Effects: Uplifting, Happy, Social, Euphoric
Medical: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, overall we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis. – The Truth is in the Burn.

38 reviews for Tin Series (Skookum Cannabis) – Chocolate Samurai

  1. Vaga

    Pretty tasty, always beautiful buds which I generally care more about effect than looks but you get both with skookum! I rarely go back from AAAA these days it’s just so good. A good high that makes me (a 20 year smoker) a bit goofy, clean smoke, and just delicious!

  2. Jesse

    Unleash the Samurai very good strain nice smell nice looking buds very pleasant high very mellow and relaxing. The taste is smooth and burns to a clean white ash.

  3. Kennedy

    Definitely feel the sativa had a clear head and mind racing with nonsense thoughts not for people with anxiety the smell not strong until broken up. Can taste an earthy chocolaty awesomeness on exhale

  4. alexios

    amazing sativa. tin was full. energizing and makes me happy. sells out fast.

    reminds me of chocolope from back in the day.

    thanks bm ans skookum. another winner.

  5. LeafBlower

    This bud is on point and smokes ultra smooth. Downside? There’s only one size for sale. However, this is a phenomenal strain. I think I have to try the rest of skookum’s strains now.

  6. BANA56

    This is one of my favourite sativa strains for its awesome motivating and uplifting effects. This is a great daytime strain and some high quality weed.

  7. MR.BS

    I don’t know where to start, everything about this bud is absolutely top notch. Its pricey but you absolutely get what you pay for. It’s particularly smooth on the lungs, tastes 7 smells great.

  8. Chuck2388

    First order with BM. Really fast delivery. Opened up the tin can and filled my room up with sweet berries and sugary notes. 5 stars.
    BM highly recommend 👍

  9. MasterVin

    Anything from Skookum is Beautiful 👍 potent smoke , well cured, a tasty Treat.
    Chocolate Samurai was amazing, a little hint of Chocolate made my palate water and the High lasted a solid 3 hrs ,I’m a veteran smoker with high THC tolerance so i was very pleased 👍 A+++

  10. ScaryPigeon

    Beautiful big buds. The buds are coated in trichomes, and have a great smell to it. After trying it in the vape there is definite chocolate aftertaste. would definitely recommend . I am usually an indica lover but this a great sativa which makes me think i just probably had never tried a good quality sativa before.

  11. Jake

    Another amazing smoke from the skookum guys! Budmail had easily become my go-to for actual AAAA quality as I have not been disappointed in any of the orders I’ve placed here. Do not sleep on the skookum strains!

  12. G25

    Haven’t been with budmail for too long but this is one of my favourites so far. High leaves me glossy eyed like its my first time. Needs to sit out and dry a bit depending on how you smoke it, well worth the wait tho!

  13. BANA56

    Great motivating effects in this strain. Takes the edge off anxiety. I love smoking some of this and then starting on chores or a fun task. No burn out.

  14. Tricky

    I ordered a second tin of this when i got half way through my first one. I usually have 4-5 different strains in my collection at a time, and i found that i was repeatedly going towards Chocolate Samurai for the day time smoke. Can’t go wrong with this one… highly recommended.

  15. sleeplessinsaskatoon

    Gotta love the tin series!
    Another fantastic sativa from skookum, with a great first hit and a lovely sustained high. And the CBD content isn’t negligible either. Had to wait until it came back in to write a review it was gone so fast, and it looks like this one will be gone in the 5 minutes too!
    Grab it while you can…

  16. Tinta Dawn

    Was a bit too fresh, at first, as it was hard to stay lit. After a few days, however, it dried enough to be a nice quality smoke. I would buy it again but it wasn’t my favourite skookum tin product

  17. RichCheeba

    Hum… This is yummy! I enjoy the tin can series because it’s fresh upon opening it. The smell that comes out is delicious! Hints of mint comes out quickly. The buds are big, fresh and frosty. Tons of caking on them. The nugs break easily and value very well. The taste is fresh but I don’t feel the chocolate hints… It’s more minty to me. The big buds are a bit squished to fit in the can but I usually take them out and put them in a Mason jar to give it time to get their shapes back. It comes included with a boveda to keep it fresh. 👍😉 Will come back for more!

  18. gobodybiscuits

    This was my first order with budmail and was able to get it with a discount. Arrived quite late due to the mail back up and Covid related issues. Budmail was responsive and helpful with making sure the package made it to me out on ON. Once received it was packaged well, opened the tin to such big crystal ridden, photogenic as hell buds. They are well cured, not dry by any means, perfect density and just overall aesthetically appeasing. Rolled a joint with it and jeez smoked really smooth, citrus, fruity taste and the high is really blissful. Its definitely a day or morning smoke, uplifting and not super heavy at all but it hits both the body and mental highs equally with a very classy sativa touch. Would recommend for sure and wishing I could get some more!!! Also to note its been one of the best sativa strains I’ve had in years, enjoy

  19. Brian Boom Bap

    Beautiful! My first Skookum can and now I see what all the fuss was about. The cold curing keeps the buds at a perfect humidity level and instead of dry weed that crumbles, finally a nice sticky strain! It’s def a sativa but for me I find it more of an afternoon type of buzz. It burns completely white and the smell is quite unique

  20. Curtis

    This is an incredible bud, and is grown to absolute perfection! The bud structure is compact but fluffy, with very resinous trichome glands running throughout. Taste is very fruity and earthy, one of the best buds I have tried so far from Budmail thank you for providing such high quality products!!

  21. Sami

    Very nice strain, usually I had it before bed ordering it again for sure. The smoke itself is very enjoyable, smooth. Great looking nuggets, and the idea of a can is appealing as the bud stays fresher than the ziplock bag.

  22. Trevor

    I am very happy that I ordered the chocolate Samurai. It has a very nice taste, and it was on sale when I purchased it.
    I have been really happy with everything I that have tried from skookum so far.

  23. Tbone

    Very nice bud! Smells great and burns beautiful. Enjoyable and creative head buzz thats not overwhelming. Will def try more products from skoomum Cannabis

  24. The_Cob

    Oh my goodness, this is such good smoke for a lazy afternoon. Nice potent high that lasts a long time. Not the greatest for getting stuff done though. I’m kicking myself for not getting a second tin.

  25. I love scotch

    This one is sweet, sour, sticky, sativa candy.

    Light green, well cured buds that pull apart easily with a wonderful almost gooey texture. Great for rolling into joints as the bud grabs and sticks to the paper.

    The aroma is overpowering, with in your face lime, skunk, and complex fruity notes. This one stunk up my whole place and tickled my nostrils and made my eyes water a little bit.

    The flavour is a bit mild and not as pronounced as the aroma, but the burn is excellent and a very clean smoke.

    The effects are very potent and quite unique. Great for getting in the zone with something and just generally has a great, positive vibe where everything is interesting and wonderful feeling. Can be a but spacey or scatter brained feeling in certain moments but overall quite even keeled for a sativa. Long lasting and nice gentle fade back to reality.

    An excellent sativa hybrid that is very well grown! Quite the treat

  26. gaz

    Very happy, snoookum is currently my favorite. The difference between this stuff and the grabo being passed as quads is night and day. Expensive but great stuff.

  27. Birdman

    The Tin series is some of the nicest stuff I have every smoked. Beautiful sticky buds. Burns clean white ash. I will say that I dont like that they jam it into the can real tight. I would like the buds less compressed.

  28. blueberry

    I have to agree with all the other reviewers excellent product from skookum, I thought that the burn was excellent with total white ash, fantastic burn, I will definitely order this again when available!

  29. I love scotch

    Presentation is great. Light green, dense, sticky, stinky little nuggets. Well dried and cured. Some buds flattened a little from being packed into the can but I don’t mind, better then being tumbled around in a bag!

    Smokes well!

    The most ‘vibrant’ high I’ve had in a while. A little bit spacey and racey but high energy and really euphoric/positive. Everything was a little crazy but it all just felt right.

    It brought me up and kept me there a while and I didn’t even really notice it fade away.

    Such a pleasant and unique high.

    One of my favourite sativa hybrids so far in many many years of smoking.

    And it was grown exceptionally well!

    Really high quality stuff!

  30. arrow39

    Another one by skookum this one has to be one of my favourites by them tastes like chocolate diesel buds are gorgeous nice clean white ash can’t recommend them enough

  31. Selenium Sam

    I can’t recommend this strain enough. True, Skookum Cannabis is known for its quality products however it still surprised me as to the “kick ass” level this particular sativa was grown and prepared. Nice Job!


    This strain renewed my passion for weed. The high is bright and euphoric. And there’s no tired crash for day smoking. Just a spectacular after glow that keeps going. From a daily smoker who had nothing he was enjoying anymore, this put me on another planet.

  33. Smoothbutter

    Extremely smooth, amazing nose and bag appeal upon opening.. fruity and delicious.. the smoke is extremely clean and smooth, something I’ve come to enjoy from skookum.. the high was soaring and energetic.. amazing for Jiu-Jitsu

  34. C dog dinger

    Very nice buds ,,very nice smoke ,, potent and long lasting .. sweet sativa flavour,, not too heavy of smoke ,,, although it is quite potent .I loved the cerebral buzz , mellows a guy out ,,but keeps him going . Definetly a unique offering ,, well rounded buzz I found ,,, I d give er’ two thumbs up,, if only I could share at this time …

  35. cake

    Very unique strain. Definitely Sativa leaning but I wouldn’t say energetic. Very focused and calming. Smell is very odd, almost chemical and fruit. Buds were large and mature showing a nice light green and orange appearance. Medium density and slightly sticky. Thick smooth smoke, very nice in a bong and joint. Overall really nice Sativa hybrid.

  36. AP2000

    This has quite the complex taste profile! I am having trouble locking it down. There are elements of sweet and some berry as well as a bit of sour and chocolate aftertaste too. The effects are wonderful. It’s a potent strain with really nice headiness to it.

  37. Gustlik

    It’s kind of earthy taste and smell to it, but overall good high from this one, only thing i dont like is the ash is not 100% white. Definitely got the chocolate aftertaste

  38. Jesse

    The first time trying the Chocolate Samurai very nice looking buds very interesting flavour from 4 different strains used to Cultivate this one nice smooth toke excellent if you blend with some hash in a joint.👍

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