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Tin Series (Skookum Cannabis) – Romula

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Tin Series | AAAA Grade | Indica | Organic

14 Grams | $165 $150

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We go big here on the west coast. Our mountains are epic, our rivers are wild, our bears are kings. Paying respect to the First Nations who took care of this land for thousands of years, we present to you: SKOOKUM CANNABIS.

Small batch master farmers growing the ultimate ORGANIC west coast cannabis.

Truth is in the burn.

Cured for at least 14 days in glass before being hermetically sealed in tins, protected from the light and air, each tin includes a small boveda pack.

Contains: 14 grams

Lab Tested at 23% THC and 0.3% CBD

Romula is an exclusive cross of Romulan x Afghan Kush. Afghan was crossed back into the Romulan and the results are outstanding. When you first open the tin, a pungent blast of grapefruit, sweet citrus and berries wallop you. Tightly bound and tacky buds boast a resinous and sticky touch. Romula exhibits a noticeable headband effect – true to its lineage. Euphoric while retaining great mental clarity. This strain would complement a relaxing evening or lazy afternoon. Overall, Romula is a huge crowd pleaser with its remarkable nose/flavour and effects.

Effects: Cerebral, Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
Flavours: Citrus, Pine, Grapefruit, Sweet, Berry
Medical: Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, PTSD, Stress

11 reviews for Tin Series (Skookum Cannabis) – Romula

  1. Carl

    Absolutely fantastic strain and batch. This is becoming something to expect from the tins, but this one in particular was potent, tasty, and had great ?tin? appeal. Would recommend for sure.

  2. Toronto420

    This was my first tin series from BM. It was amazing and totally worth the $. Highly recommend. This strain reminds me of the old school BM Jar Premier Line Romulan. If you haven’t tried the tin series, you will not be disappointed. Great find BM!

  3. đź‘Ś

    Wow!! Top notch bud. My 1st time ordering anything from the tin series, and I was not disappointed. The second I opened the tin my place instantly smelled of fruity funk. Smoked nice and slow. Got me super baked. Nice job bud mail

  4. KomradeKush

    Allows you to think while also giving a nice body stone which is the dominant aspect of this strain. Looks like Romulan but a bit darker, anyone who’s tried Blue Mataro (or Mataro Blue) from the west coast will recognize the flavor, very sweet inhale that is berry/candy like. Beautiful nugs covered in Trichomes, love the boveda packs I feel like such an idiot for never using them my nugs from 2 months ago are as fresh as the day I opened the pack, the price of these tins is high but I’ve got 4 and not a single one has been disappointing where It’s been hit and miss with Shamrock and the BCCS.

  5. Bud Master Kojer

    Haven’t actually tried this stuff but I bought a few tins as gifts. Looks like good stuff and I’ve heard it’s a good strain, plus the sealed tins will keep it good for a long ass time so they make great little gifts or to keep on hand in storage or a collection.

  6. Filzflowr

    Nice looking buds, great smell and smokes really nice good buzz. My only criticism would be it could have been cured a little more, find its a little too moist for my liking.

  7. Greenfred

    Great nose on this stuff ,one of my favourite strains smell bring back great memories.
    Super buzz and very smooth on the throat love this stuff be nice to be able to buy more than 1/2 at a time. But thankful for what I can get super strain grab some now you won’t be sorry!


    Very nice sticky buds nice and potent would order more of this,burns nice and smooth great taste smell and great high, highly recommend this strain thanks BM

  9. SaskStoner

    This is what all growers should strive for. Large beautiful nuggets that take their time to smoke. I’m usually a bong person, but this Romula rolled is just too good a smoke.

  10. Baketree

    Fantastic dope. Love the rotting fruit smell, could taste stronger but still lovely. Burned great in a joint. Fairly clean burn that I would expect will improve with jar time. Also vaped great in Volcano. Looks like the pic. Not as high quality as the glass jar series from last year but it’s still better than most. Doesn’t look, burn, or taste as good but smells just as wonderful and gets me as medicated, at least from what I remember.

  11. captainsour

    The cure on this batch of tin nugs could not be any better, literally perfect. Ash burns clean, tastes terrific and the buzz is as described. 10/10 would order again.

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