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Tincture (CBDMove) – CBD


500 mg tincture | $50
1,000 mg tincture | $80

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Easy and Effective CBD Tincture

An effective form of CBD treatment for daily pains, inflammation, anxiety, and even symptoms of chronic illnesses. CBD Move Tincture is natural and non-psychoactive.

CBD Crystalline powder is combined with organic coconut oil to create a safe and effective Tincture that can be mixed into meals and drinks or dropped under the tongue.

• Strong Relief for Pain & Inflammation
• Alleviate Daily Stress & Anxiety
• Non-Psychoactive (No High)

Contains 500 mg or 1,000 mg of CBD per 30 ml bottle.

87 reviews for Tincture (CBDMove) – CBD

  1. 6ight

    Pretty good oil, I ordered the peach and watermelon – it’s a nice sweet taste, not too strong. Gives me a very smooth rider feeling – alleviates stress!

  2. Ghar

    I’ve been using CBD for a few months now for Migraine and muscle pain. It does the trick! I really enjoyed this product.
    The fisrt taste was a bit weird but within 20 mins I was feeling better and relaxed.

  3. Hugocorp

    Excellent remedy for joint pain and sleep, works miracle. My mother and I are taking it for joint pains and RA. I prefer the natural one it as a better taste and actually no after taste as the flavored ones feel fake, sweet and leave a strange after taste in the mouth.

  4. Olivia

    This was my very first CBD product and it’s always going to be my favourite because easy to consume privately, and the flavors were nice. Overall, I tried 3 different flavor and they were all great.

  5. Richard

    Used these in an attempt to help my daughter (11) better manage her anxiety disorder while at school.
    I was able to see in real, tracked progress with her grade and in class focus how helpful they were.
    This was not prescribed by a doctor or therapist, it was something my wife and I decided to try and the results were amazing.

  6. Smich

    I would probably be lost without CBD tincture oils!! And definately be in alot more pain if I didnt have any. I take .50ml every night in my night cap before bed and by morning I can actually move. When I dont take any, my mornings are brutal trying to roll out of bed.

  7. Jeff

    I bought it for my mom (who has aches and pains and prefers CBD because she’s a nonsmoker) and she says it’s pretty good! I would probably buy this again.

  8. mclovin

    so far, so good! bought it for pain relief for shoulders and it works well. Also works well for sleep! would recommend this product to anyone looking for sleep aid and/or pain relief

  9. D20

    LOVE this stuff. I am a repeat buyer and my entire family uses it. Great value for money and the peppermint flavour is my favourite. Watermelon is pretty good too. I would highly recommend this for taming anxiety and helping with the jitters.

  10. Canadianredd

    I bought the 1000 mg bottle to help my mother with some inflammation issues. She really noticed a difference after taking it for a few weeks. The taste isn’t fantastic but isn’t horrible either. I would recommend this product.

  11. Nancy

    This is a Must have. I order it for my dad who takes it everyday to help him sleep through the night with no pain. So thankful to have found something for him that is natural 🙂

  12. Monte Carlo

    After being impressed by the 500mg bottle, I purchased the 1000mg bottle. Great consistency, this product continues to relieve my IBD symptoms. I will purchase another bottle once my supply runs out. Thanks BM!

  13. Monte Carlo

    I tried the 500mg bottle (natural flavor) and found that this offered a lot of relief for my IBD. It is very discrete, no mental side effects besides feeling a bit relaxed, so perfect to medicate throughout the day.

  14. Delphy

    I use .5ml every night before I get ready for bed. It helps with pain and also makes it easier to get to sleep and stay asleep. I’ve been using it for over a year, now, and I wouldn’t want to be without it.

  15. DayTimeLush

    I ordered this to help with migraine pain I was experiencing and it helped quite bit. Its also good for insomnia. I found it worked best when I put the drops right under my tongue instead of adding it to food or drinks

  16. Nafi

    Gave it to my father for his medical condition of Ataxia, seemed to relax him. He enjoyed the ease of taking it before bed every night, will have to see if it helps longterm.

  17. Quarrels

    My wife and I have been using this for a year or so now and it does seem to help. It’s no miracle drug, and you have to take it consistently but it has eased the Mrs anxiety somewhat and helped with muscle pain for me.

  18. Squeakyduck

    Love this product. Use daily to help manage chronic pain. Usually order the regular which is good to add into your drinks. Got watermelon this time not sure if I will get a flavoured one again, as more limited with adding to things

  19. Delphy

    I started using this product a year ago for pain and inflammation. It has greatly reduced both. I would recommend it to anyone suffering with arthritic pain. I really does work.

  20. Jami

    Great product! Our house uses this product in everything. We put it our baking to cooking. We add it in drinks and puddings. We also use it in homemade topcial ointments, lotions and rubs. Thanks!

  21. Valloux4

    Cbd move This product was Perfect for my back pain
    I choose wathermelon taste , its not too strong . No psychoactive just perfect for sleeping and pain .

  22. Gerard g.

    If you want a great product with zero THC. Great for tea, or straight or even water. Great for post workout routines and sore joints and muscles. My go to.

  23. Gerard g.

    If you want a great product with zero THC. Make sure to purchase they’s chocolates. Great for post workout routines and sore joints and muscles.

  24. Daisy90

    This is my husband and I’s Holy Grail CBD so far. We have been using it for about two years. The price is good and the dosage works well for us. The flavors are pretty good too.

  25. Trapp

    I bought a bottle of CBD move for my girlfriend she has fibromyalgia that means she’s in pain a lot and this stuff actually works for her this is my second bottle that I ordered for her now

  26. Delphy

    My ankle is bone on bone because of arthritis. The pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep at night. I’ve been using this product for a year and the pain is now minimal.

  27. john

    bought the 500mg one which comes unflavored.
    the taste had a hint of weed, but otherwise didn’t taste like very much at all. it’s also incredibly potent, would highly recommend buying

  28. SourCreamCreamy

    This is the 3rd time I’m buying this product. It’s brilliant! I tried natural which was fine and watermelon which was kinda gross but it had the same effects so whatever. This stuff works wonders when I’m feeling too much anxiety and stress, it’ll settle me down and let me think things through. Thank you.

  29. Dailytoker

    I work a labour job where i am always sore after work. When i ise this an hour before bed after a long day i wake up feeling great. Can get outa bed easier and more motivated to get ready and go. I sleep right through the night now. Always use to wake up around 4:45 for what ever reason. On days i dont work i do not use it and i wake up at 445 lol and then sleep till 9 unmotivated to get up

  30. dre

    This product is amazing , someone that has had knee surgery and has had chronic back pain I was desperate to try anything I know some people may be skeptical of cbd and anything related to weed in general , but man this stuff works like a charm

  31. In’trepidüs

    This stuff really helps with my headaches and joint pain! I definitely swear by it. The taste is great and it’s so easy and convenient to tell how much your using with the dropper. I hope this product stays for good!

  32. Ballsinyourcourt

    My dad medicated with this. He had been using the 500mg. 1 drop twice a day… he cut his medical drug bill in half! This stuff really works! I am truly amazed as someone that works in the pharmacy field. I love it! We now bought the 1000mg and he only uses half as much. My dad says he would rather the original flavour because he kind of likes it.

  33. AJZ

    Bought it for a friend to give to his wife who has very bad depression, and he said she has been feeling good for 3 months now. Said she takes 1/4th of a dropper every day.


    Bought it for my Nana who is 73years old because she suffers from really bad arthritis in her body and especially her arms. She was sceptical for a year and said no, she finally said yes a while ago! She loves it and helps her get through her day with less pain. She also mentioned it helps her sleep at night. She only takes a couple drops at night before bed and then that’s it till the next night. She loves it and thanks me a lot for getting her to try it finally! 🙂

  35. Missy

    I just recently purchased this product, therefor I’ve only tried it a couple of times but so far I Love it. It completely takes my pain away. Recommend

  36. Canada Man

    Great value, ill take it in the evening after work. It might be in my head but i feel better almost instantly. Im not really suffering that i need to take this. I simply recognize it relaxes me and i overall feel better!

  37. BlazaFatty

    Bought the watermelon flavour in july for a friend in constant pain. He is a straight-arrow who doesnt smoke or vape. Being in the construction industry took its toll on his body and after trying multiple pills, he asked me to try cbd. I didnt see him for 2 weeks after i gave it to him, but when i did meet up again all he could do was praise the changes this has made in his day to day life.
    He takes a quarter eye dropper in the morning and another at night. The taste is good.He sleeps better, is able to work longer and less irritable. He says it’s a total game changer.

    5/5 in the case of my friends usage and positive impact on his life. Def rebuy

  38. BlazaFatty

    Bought this in july for a friend in constant pain. He is a straight-arrow who doesnt smoke or vape. Being in the construction industry took its toll on his body and after trying multiple pills, he asked me to try cbd. I didnt see him for 2 weeks after i gave it to him, but when i did meet up again all he could do was praise the changes this has made in his day to day life.
    He takes a quarter eye dropper in the morning and another at night. The taste is good.He sleeps better, is able to work longer and less irritable. He says it’s a total game changer.

    5/5 in the case of my friends usage and positive impact on his life. Def rebuy.

  39. hi

    Used this tincture to help with headaches (acetaminophen and advil don’t touch them). Taste isn’t horrible, doesn’t take all that long effect. Mixed it with my morning coffee.

  40. duke420pack

    CBD. I use this for back pain and to go to sleep. Love it all flavours are good. But I like peach the best. Wish it was a little cheaper but I sure the price will come down eventually

  41. Striker

    I have bought a few of these, I use them to help with muscle soreness at night from training with the added benefit of helping me get a better nights sleep. I have been using this a while and the quality is consistent and so far the only flavour I didn’t like was the natural one.
    There are a lot of uses for CBD oil and I feel like this is the best bang for your buck.

  42. 11d11

    Great product, wish that it had some kind of a chart for dosing. But trial and error seemed to work. Just a nice way to relax and the end of the day..

  43. talie420

    I bought this mostly for my mother, I smoke it lol.. But she finds it helps with her pain. I tried a bit of it and i found it relaxed me alot. Keep up the good work! Thumbs up!

  44. Kat

    this is hands down the most effective CBD oil I have ever used. whenever I feel anxious, I put a few drops underneath my tongue and the results are amazing. before bed, I take a 1/4 of the dropper and I sleep like a baby

  45. cgregz

    I find when I take a couple drops before bed I sleep like a baby. Don’t think I move at all, it’s great. I have quite the anxiety lately also and after a few drops of this I feel like I have a whole different mindset about everything, very positive thinking afterwards. Can’t complain!

  46. SourCreamCreamy

    I’m very pleased with this product! I usually put it under my tongue for a minute or two before swallowing and it leaves a slight tingling sensation. it kicks in after about half an hour and is so gradual that its hard to notice it come or leave but it is there. It almost has the same effects as ibuprofen with strength and duration for me, I usually take it when I’m sore from work or a light injury and it does the trick. I’ll be ordering this again beppy!

  47. Brit

    Bought this for my boyfriend who has recently started suffering from panic attacks and its pretty good. He prefers the Mota CBD oil (price and taste wise) but they were out last time and this worked great.

  48. Skinner

    Purchased this for my mom who has Parkinson – the prescription medication she was taking was giving her nasty side effects, and she was VERY anti-cannabis, but I finally convinced her to give this a try, and boy has it changed her life.
    She doesn’t go a day without using it. It alleviates her shaking, and helps relax her enough that she’s finally getting good rest.
    I’m quite thankful for this, and glad I was able to purchase a THC-free option for my reluctant mom.
    Thank you 🙂

  49. Pothead420

    Love these, give you a great body buzz and lasts a few hours, works perfectly to get me through the work day, and thanks for the free pre-roll budmail 🙂

  50. Mykhthrone

    Great product. Helps with my aches and pains as well as anxiety. I’ve looked around a bit and I think that this product is also the best value out there for CBD oil.

  51. getta

    Pleased to find a very affordable CBD Oil option, given the lack of options in the legal recreational market nowadays.

    I am interested, however, to know.. is there anything special about this oil that supports the idea of using it sublingually? A CBD oil in MCT/coconut oil base isn’t bio-available in that way, it can’t really be absorbed under the tongue; it’s fairly easy to find this info if you poke around on Google a bit. Generally a tincture is alcohol-based, and that allows it to absorb in that way. Maybe I’m missing something? I’m happy to be wrong if there’s something special or out of the ordinary about this oil in particular 🙂

    Anyway all told, this is a great little product, great value, great little syringe/dropper included – everything you’d expect.

  52. Diogo R

    Great product does the trick to help me with my sleep insomnia. I order a 1000mg every week it’s aweesome. I usually get the natural or watermelon flavour.

  53. 4our2wenty

    Pretty much good for anything really. No complaints about the mint flavor. It helps to get a few more hours of sleep which is what I noticed most. This is my favourite CBD product out the dozen i’ve tried. You can fix anything with this magical little bottle of potion.

  54. Tkins

    Bought this again for a friend who wanted to try this for working out. He finds his recover time has shortened and it gives him a good push during working out.

  55. snicklefritz

    Great product been getting it for my grandmother and some other family member too. CBD oils provide a lot of medicinal benefits and can help treat a variety of things. Well priced!

  56. moi

    I’ve tried several brands of CBD tinctures and this is my favourite. The product makes a world of difference for me. Hopefully in time prices for CBD products will decrease but in the meantime the positive effects justify the price. I’ve tried both the regular flavour and the watermelon and liked the taste of the regular better. The 1000mg worked best for me.

  57. Stéphanie

    Perfect for everything ! I started taking this for some anxiety relief, it was suggested to me by a friend and I had no idea about all the research out there until I tried it and realized how effective it really is. I started noticing the benefits instantly for certain symptoms like physical pain and mental symptoms like cloudyness and a negative thoughts which affect the mood. It is absolutely amazing to feel the long term effects after taking this oil which I had never considered or even knew I really had, I have been in constant physical muscle pain and stomach pain for years, I don’t remember never having pain in some part of my body, blood tests reveal nothing so I do counselling and therapy but always had a fear of big pharma medication. 1 ml in the morning i found it helped reduce my stomach pains, craving to drink, helped with my constant muscle aches, I get amazing relief from headaches with this oil – I had started using it less regularly and also tried reducing my coffee intake and started using it as treatment for those withdrawal symptoms, and obviously I am sleeping better so in general my overall health has improved. I think more clearly and have better concentration. I started by taking 1 ml of the 1000mg in the morning, I weigh about 160 lbs and wasn’t using any other medication including other cannabis products. I decided to change to .5 ml morning and night after about 2 weeks and the third week used only when I thought I needed it. During those weeks I would use a random drop as I needed over and above what I was already taking, no matter what the dose was that I had already had, I used my judgement as to how I felt I reacted to the previous dose ( or absence of) and what I think might ease the symptom. This product is amazing and the customer service is amazing. If you are thinking about this product for any reason definitely give it a try you will not be disappointed and you will notice the benefits instantly and long term.

  58. Sativa Seeker

    I’ve purchased this product for multiple family members who have issues with some of the psychoactive effects of cannabis. The side effects they experience with cannabis range from anxiety to full blown paranoia. Knowing that this tincture is nearly 100% CBD derived from hemp, void of all other cannabinoids and terpenes is very helpful. They are receiving many benefits from this product including better sleep, pain relief caused by inflammation, balanced moods and emotional well being.

  59. RawTranquility

    Amazing product! I get the 1000mg in natural and use to make topical products. This oil is very easy to work with and love how clean and pure it is. Will be continuing to buy it!

  60. Dan_Balan

    I stand by this product. If your suffering from pain, inflimation, muscle spasms and auto immune disease this will help 100%. I purchased this product for my mother who has MS and it’s helped ALOT. I reccomend purchasing the 1000 mg bottles, much more potent and you take less drops.

  61. MeowMix

    Tastes great. Good bang for your buck. So far it has helped me to cut my ativan intake by half. Seems to be helping me relax more and sleep better. Will purchase again and again.

  62. 6ight

    This is formulated well and tastes great! Good quality – helps reduce any stress and makes me sleep a lot better. I would definitely recommend this particular oil I will try the 1000mg next

  63. logicbud

    First time trying it, I bought the 500 mg version, I needed 2 doses; but, it worked well for pain. Like the others have mentioned, virtually tastless. Next time I’ll order the 1000 mg version.

  64. SourCreamCreamy

    I purchased two of these, one for my dad who loves it for sleeping and his back pain. The other was for my cousin who suffers from anxiety and fibromyalgia, she says it sometimes works for her and other days she needs an extra dose.

  65. Tkins

    I got this product for my dad because the cdbmove gummies weren’t doing the trick anymore. He seems to like this a little better so far. I am always excited to see how this actually helps people suffering from pain. Getting the off prescription killers.

  66. LisaJayne

    This oil has now become a staple in my daily routine. I buy it whenever I find it available it’s by far the cleanest oil I’ve found anywhere has no taste and works quite quickly

  67. Stinkywink420

    I have been finding this stuff really good. It has helped with back pain and eased anxiety. I will definitely be ordering this stuff again in the future.

  68. jwow

    This oil is the best CBD product they sell! It is smooth and doesn’t leave a terrible taste in your mouth!! the dropper is super effective and allows you to dose accurately!

  69. Olivia

    Great product. Very impressed.
    Purchased due to price point, will continue to order it due to quality.
    First order with this company, arrived quickly and it was well packaged.

  70. gogetyourshinebox

    Bought this for my mom and myself, both experiencing severe anxiety. This stuff is amazing and it helped so much with relaxation/stress relief/sleep. Highly recommend you try this product!

  71. SourCreamCreamy

    I acquired this for my father because he suffers from some severe arthritis and it disrupts his sleep. He takes it before bed and says he can actually sleep the entire night without waking up. I will probably be purchasing more.

  72. LisaJayne

    Well I have to say I am so happy with this product. It’s packing is super easy to use and know your dosing. The oil itself is almost tasteless and completely clear, which I have never found in any other oils. I use this nightly for chronic back and nerve pain. Before I could never get a good nights sleep, now I sleep like a baby. Big fan of all CbdMove products

  73. Perseid

    I’ve been using this product everyday for about a month now; I’m to understand that tolerance varies by person but I’ve not developed any noticeable tolerance and I’m taking about 4 drops daily just before I eat breakfast.

    I’d quit using pot for about two months before I began so I do wonder if it would be less effective if I was smoking still, but, I find it relieves all the physical effects of my anxiety without dulling my senses or causing me to believe that my stressors do not exist (something which I’d found unpleasant about pot was that after using it I’d feel like everything was ok, which should sound positive but, you know, we’re maybe smart enough to know it’s not, and that causes a bit of a disconnect).

    I can still exercise, I can still meditate, and I still experience pressure, drive and motivation, but I can deal with my stress and I’m not crippled by it.

    It’s shitty we live in a world that can cause us to get sick like this; there are better ways of getting better. But, if you’re using pot to cope and you don’t like how potent it is, you might take a short break from it and then try this.

  74. :)

    Tastes great, works great, what more can you ask for? Would’ve liked a bigger bottle. Will order again! Tastes good too, maybe that’s because of the coconut oil.

  75. brandon9123

    Awesome tincture easy and convenient to use day or night, mornings for stiffness and night for restlessness. First time purchasing this product, will be buying again for sure.

  76. jwow

    I truly love this CBD oils. I find a lot of oils have an odd taste but this oil is so smooth and doesn’t have a taste! The dropper is accurate for proper dosing. Definitely would recommend this oil.

  77. Leon the professional

    I got the 1000 mg. Very nice stuff works wonders for pain . Nice package nice bottle. The price is up there but def well worth every penny. Make it on my next order

  78. Mac

    Absolutely love this product. I have ordered it twice so far and have another in my cart right now. The taste is amazing, works as I expected. Highly recommend this to everyone.

  79. Mesenoth

    Does the trick! I really enjoy CBD because it doesn’t hinder my ability to think, and yet still provides excellent relief for headaches and migraine pain. I was skeptical anout the dosing for this, but their dropper makes it easy. I normally would go for the KLR CBD capsules, but this is just as good and convenient. I’ll definitely buy it again.

  80. mrbud

    Bought it to help for stress and tried it before work. I took 1 ml thinking it wouldn’t do much, but I felt really tired, cause it makes body relax. I went back home and took a nap and after I was full of energy.

  81. dvollans


  82. mandakatlyn

    This works really well but should be reserved for occasional use like for when you get a headache or are feeling extra stressed. The 30ml bottle doesn’t last too long if you’re treating something chronic so it isn’t very cost effective. My boyfriend went through a whole bottle in a weekend managing his back pain.

  83. MapleLeaf

    I’ve been using CBD for a few months now for anxiety and pain, and this is as good as any I’ve tried. First dose went down smooth and taste-free and within 20 mins I was feeling calm and comfortable.

  84. Kingkush

    This stuff is great hardly any taste to it and what you can taste is not bad at all and it actually is helping with my anxiety. Love it. I’ll keep buying it as long as you sell it.

  85. King Kosher Kush

    I ordered this product to try in my dog as he is starting to get arthritis in his hip, I am also try it aswell. I will post the results in a week or so and will order the larger bottle the next time. I have noticed how relaxed and calm this CBD oil makes you feel too but haven’t got to fully test it yet

  86. LisaJayne

    By far the best tasting oil I’ve ever had and I make my own! Very clean with no oder or after taste. Doesn’t take too long to kick in and works great for pain. Will be buying more asap

  87. Leiab

    I purchased this for a friend to try for some pain and anxiety – worked like a charm- i’m actually placing an order now for the larger size! sure to please!

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