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Tincture (Mota) – THC


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Medication doesn’t get much simpler than Mota’s highest quality derivatives with consistent, pure and precisely specified THC. Mota tinctures are infused with organic grape seed oil containing 900 mg of THC. This tincture has a deeply relaxing body effect and is great for insomnia, stress and pain, appetite loss and arthritis.

Available in Sativa or Indica.

Ingredients: Organic grape seed oil, THC oil.

Contains: 30 mg of THC per ml. Each bottle contains 30 ml.

50 reviews for Tincture (Mota) – THC

  1. Hannah

    I ordered this for my dad. He said the flavor was very strong but definitely does the job and is a great bang for your buck. He got the indica but we ordered the sativa flavor and he’s ready to try it out.

  2. Hartman26435

    Works great for in the evenings. A couple of droppers will give me a nice buzz and get me relaxed and and ready for sleep. Not the best taste, but the potency is strong and it does the trick well

  3. NA

    I got the indicia and I use it for sleep. I take 120mg each night. It has been working. I take it 2 hours before I want to sleep. It takes a while to kick in for me. I would prefer if it was more concentrated so I could take a smaller amount.

  4. Canadianredd

    The Indica is a lovely little high. I take 1 full dropper at night and watch a little TV before floating away into dream land. It usually takes around 30-60 min to kick in.

  5. stickygorilla

    This is my first dance with a tincture. I’m only disappointed because it was hyped up so much from co workers. I’m a heavy smoker and find this mild for me personally. Tastes nice and clean, cool packaging which I enjoy. But just not enough punch. My wife who smokes a lot less really enjoys it. She says 5 stars.

  6. J

    One of the best I’ve tried for the price, strong cannabis taste however no taste from any solvents, grape oil used is next to tasteless. Faster onset than an edible sublingual so if time is a factor this is something to consider.

  7. logicbud

    Great stuff, easy to consume, I place a drop or two under my tongue and it works great, my wife prefers to add it to a can of soda or fruit juice, it’s a bit pricey but well worth it.

  8. Weatheredbrink

    Both the indica and the sativa tinctures really pack a punch. They act quickly and are a great experience. I found the taste to be very neutral and would highly reccomend.

  9. Huss

    This product is growing on me. I wasn’t sure at first. I take 45mg and it takes 2-3 hours to fully kick in. Good results. Having a meal helps active.

  10. ax

    To be honest, this tincture is completely amazing. Its strong but not too strong perfect if you want to get a little buzz and feel mellow or hit a full dropper and have some relief.

    Highly recommended 5/5 for sure

  11. Twilight Lotus

    I’m a big fan of the Sativa tincture and use it regularly. Too much it too bad, like anything good in life, so start with small doses and work your way to your sweet spot. Definitely recommend.

  12. Purple unicorn

    Well I enjoy this more the last I tried. Been high every time weather I take 7ml -10ml. But it does take about two plus hours before it kicks in. If I take at 5:30 I will start to feel high around 8pm. Longer if I don’t eat with taking this tincture. But again at least I am high every time with this product. Effects last at least 3-4 hours.

  13. Cyberstace

    I find this to a very nice product for me anyway. a bottle don’t last me long but no good to have it and not enjoy it . I’ll be ordering this again for sure

  14. Daud

    potency seems hit and miss.
    purchased twice.
    first time amazing took about fortyfive mins to hit and I was sailing for a good few hrs.
    second order barley noticed effects.

  15. Bonezzz9

    First time trying ! Tried the Indica, enjoyed ! I am very impressed with the Sativa as well. The proper dose, is a very good feeling. It help me , with the aches and pain.

  16. Amysaidnomnom

    I’m pretty impressed. I’ve tried that Black Mota Tinct, but even after 4 droppers of it, I got nothing from it. I ordered this (the indica variety), being also previously impressed with the 1:1 Mota, and it does the trick really nicely. I turned around and ordered another of these bottles right after trying it. Dosing is tricky, but yours to discover. The perfect amount will get you a substantial buzz, too much turns you braindead, too little and you’ll still be medicated and sleepy.

  17. Canada Man

    I used this when i couldnt smoke plus at night time ( indica ) and i was effective. I shared with some friends, they noticed it creeped up on them and seems putt everyone in a good mood! I got the indica but ill have to try the sativa next.

  18. Kat

    I tried the Sativa tincture and it personally didn’t make me feel energized and had more of an Indica effect on me. I wanted a tincture I can use during the day that would keep me energized in order to replace it with coffee. It makes me quite sleepy so I take a full dropper before bed to get a better sleep. The reason why I give it 3 stars is that I prefer to use CBD products before bed, not just straight THC (it doesn’t have the cognitive benefits that CBD has).

  19. soup

    I bought both the Indica and Sativa for baking purposes so i would be able to calculate the dosage per cookie or product. The products are well packaged, and easily measured with the markings on the dropper.
    I found both worked for sleep though the indica seemed to give me more energy personally.
    while baking there was a mild weed smell, but you could not taste it in a 10mg/cookie.

  20. SourCreamCreamy

    I purchased this stuff initially for my mother who wanted to try it after enjoying what cbd tinctures offer. Unfortunately for her half a dropper was too much and she had a bad time: racing thoughts, hyper sensitivity and sleeplessness. She kinda got scared away from it for now. Lucky for me it’s all mine and I like it. I’m not too keen on edibles but as an oil substitute this thc tincture is good, I just prefer vaping. Cheers

  21. Mrsjrm

    This was my first bottle of tincture ever and after finishing it I am very impressed. I would put 1 ml under my tongue and could feel the effects in 10 minutes and it lasted a few hours.

  22. Coze

    Mota Sativa Tincture
    Great non smoking option. This tincture has a spicy taste and is moderately strong. The dosage is easy to control with the dropper.
    Application to the tongue results in rapid onset – full effects in around 15 minutes. The sativa results in a very clean , focused feeling that is highly productive and an easy substitute to coffee in the morning. Effects lasted approximately 1 hour.
    Highly Recommended.

  23. Coze

    Great non smoking option. This tincture has a sweet taste and is moderately strong. The dosage is easy to control with the dropper.
    Application to the tongue results in rapid onset – full effects in around 15 minutes. Happy / laughy / relaxed feelings last ed approximately 1 hour.

  24. Tkins

    Bought this for a friend with terrible sleeping problem. She said it really works great (she doesn’t smoke at all). It has changed her sleeping ten fold. The taste on the other hand it a different story. Prob try something else next time

  25. kitkataclysm

    Really not too impressed with this product compared to the Mota Black Tincture. It’s a bit more expensive but definitely worth the upgrade. The taste in this tincture is VERY strong and the amount of liquid required makes it cover your mouth entirely which was not very pleasant. The potency is fine but again definitely prefer the Mota Black given my normal usage. Will not be buying this product again.

  26. Sir Smokes Alot

    This is the perfect product for medical or recreational users that want to be discreet and medicate without smoking cannabis. You can mix it up right with your food and get on with your day. I usually put it on my morning toast or mix it with my yogurt, even hot sauce! This is a must try.

  27. Anna_Gramm

    First time i try this as a sleep aid and pain.Wow .Taste is ok would need infos for posology .It will be on my next order for sure.So glas i fou d’y ou BM🤗

  28. Patient Zero

    Ordered Indica and it was amazing for sleeping, I suffer from insomnia, and bad back pain and this was prefect for those issues, 2 full droppers and im able to sleep for 7-8hrs straight! Before I would wake up every 1-2hrs and couldn’t go back to sleep for 20-60mins.. Now im getting full nights rest!
    Tried it during the day and not so great for patients looking for a psychoactive high, didn’t find it made me sleepy just more pain relief than anything.
    Will order again, just not often because of price.. Thanks BM!

  29. JonnyMTL

    Go to my review on the black Mota… this is a good product but if you want bang for you buck … spend the extra 20 and enjoy . Peppermint and way stronger !

  30. J Man

    I tried a lot of MOTA’s edibles and they were fantastic so I gave this a go. I am also happy with the results and I like to put this within drinks or soups that I am already having. The taste is not bad at all and very mild. The effects worked but I did notice I had to do 3+ drops to get a good pain relief feeling going.

  31. JonnyMTL

    Bm always has the best products and not only that they have a selection for every consumer! This product is great for people who don’t smoke in my opinion.. it’s VERY clean and almost no hangover, PERFECT for sleeping! But it was not sting enough for me a long time user, was perfect to fall asleep but not enough to take the pain away during the day! On the other hand the MOTA 900 chocolate bar does the job and more 🤷🏻‍♂️ Thanks bm xo

  32. Imbo

    My current obsesssion. I have tried both indica and sativa. I like indica for sleep but i am obsessed with sativa during the day. I am very impressed with this product!!!

  33. Mac

    Ouse both the Indica and Sativa regularly and love them. They are great sleep aids as they take a while to kick in but last for the whole night. I highly recommend

  34. Viva4201

    this is just awesome, one full drop and you’ll be feeling just great, I’m an everyday user, and I just love this stuff. I recommend this to everyone that like to feel good but without the smoke and smell,,,

  35. c00p3r

    this product is very strong and very tasty as well! I took one full dropper during the day around 1pm and by 7pm i was passed out like a baby for the entire night….mind you i smoked about 2 or 3 bowls in between those times. However i can assure that the oil was doings its part because i usually smoke all day long and 3 bowls between between a 6 hour time span would never put me to sleep but adding the oil in was what made me KO. If you are a moderate smoker, have never smoked before, or never tried edibles before than i wouldn’t recommend starting off with a full dropper of this stuff. If you smoke on the regular and have experienced edibles before than you already know what to expect and this does not fall short.

  36. Harry Brownschwagger

    5 stars for effectiveness. You can’t deny the taste, it’s something you either like or don’t. It’s super discreet if you want to stay under the radar.

  37. Maccc

    This is my favorite product on this site. Great taste and a great bang for your buck. I do like the sativa the best. Only problem I’ve had it the dropper has broke once but u had a spare bottle from a previous order

  38. Mystical Mind

    I love this stuff ir has wonderfully unique texture too it when it in your mouth due the grape seed oil. The flavor is wonderfully delicious cannabis taste that taste buds just love. I buy a bottle with almost every order. Both indica and sativa are both potent eat allow it sit under your tounge to dissolve . Ive given stuff tons friends and every one loves it. Also its great for on the go

  39. KOKO

    I was pretty disappointed by this product, however, I it may just not be for me. I have been using cannabis for a very long time and quite often. I was looking for a product that I didn’t have to smoke and could be administered quickly, efficiently and smell-free.

    I tried approximately 12 times the recommended dose of the THC tincture and didn’t feel anything. My partner who has not used in over 6 years tried twice the recommended dose and did not feel anything. I am convinced that these are either made terrible or are placebos…

  40. moose

    Ordered the indica. It’s decent stuff. It’s not as potent as I would like, but the price is pretty good. I’ve had mixed results with it, and I generally only order it when my other go tos are sold out.

  41. Harry Brownschwagger

    Ordered the indica. 30mg / ml is a good dose. you can’t beat it if you don’t want to smoke or have a cough . Reasonable price is a plus. The taste is bearable .

  42. Sandilicious

    I enjoyed this tincture both in potency and taste. 1.5 ml is enough to be happily medicated for hours. Really impressed with the indica, will definitely try the sativa as well.

  43. Potato

    Easy to use and effective energetic and uplifting boost for the day also helps with my anxiety and shoulder pain great when you need to get medicated in a area where skunky fumes may be unacceptable.

  44. Brigow

    Great product! I’d prefer the Nu brand, but since no longer available this does make a decent substitution. The oil is easier to take then the ethanol tinctures, but both options are nice as oil does not always mix with certain recipes we also use these products in. Thanks BM cheers 🍻

  45. haldir6480

    This tincture works great. one dropper full provides a nice long lasting buzz that kills pain and lifts my mood. edible forms of cannabis don’t cause anxiety for me like smoking, this is my preferred medication method. Its discreet and doesn’t burn the tongue like alcohol based tinctures. I will totally buy this again.

  46. inter

    its ok i guess.not as strong as NU. bring back NU brand tincture its much better. was shocked that it wasn’t restocked. oil based instead of alcohol which is positive.

  47. Towelie

    Thc: sativa
    I’ve been using this during the day time and it’s hrear for energy and depression. Highly recommend and I will continue to buy this and the indica oil.

  48. 8Ball

    Had tried the Nu THC drops with the same content as these in the past and was hoping that BudMail would restock… However this Mota tincture is just as good (and doesn’t have the alcohol burn). Tastes a bit odd (like deep fryer oil) but it does the trick; usually I find edibles kick in fast but it takes 1-2 hours for this to work. Will buy again.

  49. Towelie

    Tried the THC indica. The taste is much better than the NU products IMO, Although not as neutral as the miss envy products. Still some unwanted flavour; but does not linger in the mouth like other products I’ve tried.

    This has been very effective in managing pain and stomach issues, as well as winding down at night. Seems quite potent. I take 1 dropper of this along with my 1:1 tincture.

  50. Cyberstace

    The Taste Is What It is But It Does Good For My Pain & Depression . Liked The NU Product Better And Was Only $40 for Better Taste so i Am sad To Hear They Are Not Getting It Back . I’m Going To Try Some Different Types To See What My Options Are.

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