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Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are desirable due to their quick absorption into your system. We are happy to carry full-spectrum CBD Tinctures from daily, one of our most reputable vendors. Available in different strength varieties to fit your needs.

CBD Tinctures are a dietary supplement that comes in liquid form and has a very potent cannabidiol content. You can take it sublingually or simply add it to your food or drinks.

Sublingually is the most effective way of taking this product. The membrane under your tongue allows for absorption by your sublingual artery. From there, it will travel to your external carotid artery, then through the internal carotid artery, and into your brain.

Every Daily CBD product is precisely formulated with a blend of all-natural ingredients carefully selected for their beneficial properties, potentiation factors and targeted effects, including pure full-spectrum CBD oil in an advanced system for maximum absorption and benefits in their most concentrated form.

The term spectrum is used to describe the range of compounds produced by the plant’s trichome glands that can potentially produce therapeutic effects. In other words, the full spectrum means the full range of compounds that are produced within the trichome gland.

The goal of a full-spectrum extract is to capture all of the available compounds from the trichomes without altering them, leaving behind the undesirable fats, waxes, and lipids that hold the desirable compounds together.

In short, the effects will be more encompassing and will provide an increased therapeutic benefit.

CBD can be very effective in reducing bodily inflammation and also for managing a variety of conditions such as anxiety or depression.

So, what constitutes a therapeutic dose of CBD?

Typically, somewhere between 50 – 100mg is commonly described as an effective amount. The amount per 1ml in each variety is listed below. You may want to try taking 1ml, twice daily and then titrate your dosage from there.

Keep in mind that you may not feel immediate relief after a single dose, it can take several days, or longer of a daily CBD regimen to fully notice its effects.

1250mg amount per 1ml dropper: 41.66mg CBD

2500mg amount per 1ml dropper: 83.33mg CBD

4000mg amount per 1ml dropper: 133.33mg CBD

1500mg Sleep | Calm | Relief amount per 1ml dropper: 50mg CBD

Each bottle contains 30ml of oil.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil (CBD), Natural Terpene Extracts

daily – Quality Ingredients

Our passion is all about making use of nature’s most effective ingredients.

We combine potent natural antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals with our industry’s professional formulated expertise to ensure our products deliver unmatched results and provide our consumers with the best quality products possible.

Everything we do considers people, the planet and our passion.

Our main priority is to be completely transparent about the ingredients we use. We are proud to state all of the ingredients included in our products on individual product pages. We are happy to provide a comprehensive list of all the ingredients we formulate.

Addressing Issues Wisely

How you choose to consume CBD/THC containing products may affect the experience you have, mostly in regards to the timing of the onset and the duration of the effect. Inhalation (smoking or vaping) and ingestion (eating or drinking) produce different effects because of how the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream.

Inhalation can produce an effect within seconds, so waiting at least five minutes before inhaling a second time will help control your experience. Be mindful of the potential effects’ inhalation can have on lung health. Heating methods (such as vaping) are associated with fewer adverse health effects than burning methods.

We DO NOT use Vitamin E acetate to thicken oils, neither MCT nor mineral oil in DAILY vape products.

The effects of ingesting CBD/THC containing products (like Tinctures) will take longer to experience and may last longer than inhaling it. Be sure to wait about one hour to gauge the level of effect after ingesting CBD/THC containing products.

70 reviews for Tinctures (Daily) – CBD

  1. Delphy (verified owner)

    I use CBD for chronic pain and difficulty sleeping. This particular product seems to work well and I like the extra strength so that I can take a smaller dose.

  2. TheMityQ (verified owner)

    I bought this full spectrum CBD (1500 mg) to try to reduce effects of Vertigo dizziness and as a SLEEP aid.
    Actually, I use 1 ml during dizziness (when needed) during the day, the other 1 ml at night for a relaxing sleep.
    I give five stars because the effectiveness for my Sleep issues and the bonus effect it has on my Vertigo. Plan to try and 4:1 mixture CBD/THC as I have read it may be even more beneficial for dizziness. Let you know on next review.

  3. Imoem (verified owner)

    J’ai acheté le CBD à spectre complet 4000 mg à mon père pour l’aider à soulager des douleurs corporelles et l’aider à mieux dormir. Il dit qu’il que cela fonctionne très bien et il est très satisfait. Il dort mieux et se lève le matin plus reposé que jamais! Merci poir ce merveilleux produit!

  4. Graziano (verified owner)

    I was a bit worried about using this, but happy i got it. Truth be told, i don’t use it on a daily basis, but when i do, i do feel a less pressure and stress. It gets me relaxed.

  5. Peek (verified owner)

    Finally found a product that helps me sleep, without making me feel like a zombie the next day. Also (for me) helps to reduce muscle/joint pain. The taste leave much to be desired, but really, it’s not a problem – especially how well this product works. And as far as price vs mg’s is concerned, it’s of great value.

  6. Britt (verified owner)

    The value on this product is great!! I purchase this for my arthritic dog, and always buy a couple at a time to ensure we don’t run out! I notice a big mobility improvement when using this item

  7. joey (verified owner)

    I find this is the best bang for your buck CBD tincture. I don’t mind the taste, but can see how some would dislike it. Helps with sleep, helps with general pain relief.

  8. TheGarglepuss (verified owner)

    Great value and good dosage. Chipping away at the 500mg CBD tincture, one dropper full here and there to ease muscle pain and joint stiffness from work. Gets the job done.

  9. Crystal (verified owner)

    Awesome product helps with the inflammation in my knees, I used the 1250mg twice a day. Will buy again for sure. Inflammation has gone down dramatically . If any one wants to try it it’s going to work!

  10. Belle (verified owner)

    I bought this for my grandmother who has suffered from breast cancer and since then has no feeling in the bottom of her feet and her left arm. Therefore finding it very difficult to move around and do simple activities on a daily basis. This has helped her a lot to ease the pain somewhat.

  11. Babycakes (verified owner)

    This is one of the best tinctures I have tried. Not a big fan of the taste but otherwise it helped my anxiety immensely! I’ve now ordered the one for sleep to try out. Highly recommend!

  12. Chris.R (verified owner)

    My wife loves this helps out huge preferr the 4000mg though but great stuff. Would defenitly tell people to try this product helps with lots of medical stuff

  13. Jeff (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t know about this personally, but I bought it for my mom and she says it seems to work for her various pains (back, knee, aches all over, etc). This is also a good buy because of the stronger dosage; people suffering from more pain require more CBD.

  14. Nathan (verified owner)

    Happy with 500mg but often out of stock sonwe tried the 750mg. Felt well about the consistancy and the product in general. Sleep aid and body aches. Would recommend

  15. Insomnia81 (verified owner)

    I decided to try this rather than my usual CBD Move brand. I don’t mind the taste but despite being 250mg stronger than my usual brand, it doesn’t quite have the same effect.

  16. Nathan (verified owner)

    We keep going back to this brand as a reliable source of cbd. Our inteded use us for pain management and arthritis and as a mild sleep aid. I am considering ordering a combination cbd thc tincture when they are available again.

  17. Vonners (verified owner)

    I purchase this Tincture when my favourite one is out of stock and it does the trick. Has a bit of a taste/odour but still gets the job done! I usually take it around noon. Helps with anxiety and my eye sight.

  18. Vincent (verified owner)

    Really helped my back pain! I do a lot of skateboard and used to always be super sore after and have a lot of back pain in the lower back and it helped diminishing the pain. I bought the 1250 mg but might buy the 2500 next time. one thing is sure, i will buy again!

  19. Kurtis (verified owner)

    Great product, first time trying CBD and it work wonders for my social anxiety, took a dose before an event and felt great all evening! Thanks again budmail!

  20. mrtonight (verified owner)

    Perfect cbd! I take it every mornings (5 drops) and every nights (5 drops). It really help to relax, help for my panic attacks, the stress from the office.

  21. jimsgm25 (verified owner)

    I recently bought the 1500 mg Sleep for my wife who has major sleep issues and so far she says it does seem to help. Hopefully this is the answer as the prescribed meds she was taking were of little or no use. Not the best tasting stuff but as long as it works that is not an issue.

  22. ridejc (verified owner)

    Love this stuff! The sleep version works so well for me. Always best nights sleep and no issue in the morning. Taste won’t win any awards but nothing terrible. Will buy again for sure

  23. mes (verified owner)

    Use this every morning in my coffee. I take 2 droppers full. I am waiting for a hip replacement. Works to dull the pain and I am able to move through the day. I too would give a five star if the taste were improved.

  24. CS (verified owner)

    Use this product to aid with getting to sleep periodically, and it works great. Also use for mils arthritis relief and also find it to be very effective.

  25. lia (verified owner)

    great stuff! i’ve tried 2 different intensities and both work great for daily anxiety reduction and with sleep! my go to when i’m stressed! would recommend to anyone

  26. Nathan (verified owner)

    I keep returning to this line of products because i believe the line offers great quality for the price. Likely going to start using a thc cbd combination but for now this is a great product for my sore bones and restless nights –

  27. Jdmthc (verified owner)

    works wonders on my arthritis and anxiety 🙃 would even recommend the cheapest for beginners, the price you can’t get any better for a 30ml bottle !

  28. Jdmthc (verified owner)

    works wonders on my arthritis and anxiety 🙃 would even recommend the cheapest for beginners, the price you can’t get any better for a 30ml bottle ! Thanks BM 😊

  29. Mark (verified owner)

    Got this stuff for my mom, who had taken sleeping pills and pain killers for years after a bad car accident. She wanted an alternative and after legalization finally considered trying this. In a matter of a couple weeks, she kicked her old medication entirely. She said her sleep quality and morning had improved and is no longer groggy or tired after waking. She’s said it’s done wonders for her pain.

  30. Happydudes742 (verified owner)

    I order this for my 70 year old dad who has been strongly against pot my whole life. He’s always been a bad sleeper and worse now that he’s older, but the drops an hour before bed let him sleep most of the night.

  31. bearded_traveller (verified owner)

    Very effective. Nice to have some higher mg options so I don’t have to take multiple doses. Started with 1250mg and may increase in future. Taste is fine and easy to get used to. Dosing is accurate based on my experience with other products. Already recommended to others and will buy again.

  32. haldir6480 (verified owner)

    I bought the 1250mg strength. This is a great tincture, it actually had a noticeable effect. I find that this strength and brand lessens my anxiety and helps me sleep. I will probably order this again or maybe try a higher strength.

  33. D.Less (verified owner)

    Top notch products,I suffer with excruciating and pounding throbbing headaches caused from Neck and Shoulders issues.I was a little Leary on trying CBD and didn’t want the THC in neither, So when I started taking the CBD’s I was truly a believer, it helped within mins, and I could go on with my day,, no need to waste my days in bed suffering in agony. Thank You Budmail, I would definitely recommend this to Friends and Family.😍😍😍😍

  34. Buzzie (verified owner)

    Bought this for my wife to help with joint stiffness due to hormone therapy for breast cancer. I like the consistency of the dose. Taste takes a while to get used to , that’s why I rated it a 4 star. I would buy it again

  35. Hunger (verified owner)

    This product is a staple in my life now. A very fresh herbal aroma and quick effect. Because its full spectrum you know your curing what ails you. And its a great bang for the buck. Highly recommended.

  36. ridejc (verified owner)

    great stuff, tried a few, this one is one of my favs – flavour is easy to handle, started with less than recommended and it still has a good effect. will buy again

  37. JP Gordon (verified owner)

    Just started with this oil and so far working well with a damaged nerve in my back. Reduced the signals sent from the nerve therfore reduceing the pain.

  38. Adam (verified owner)

    I love this stuff, it’s good for sleeping, headaches and anything you can think of. my dad and my friends dad also started taking this and they love it too

  39. J_Lennon (verified owner)

    The price / mg for this CDB oil is very good. Definitely one of the better priced CBD oil, it seems a lot of other brands out there a very expensive, but this one really isn’t bad. The quality is good. The taste however is pretty strong, it leaves a bit of an after taste in your mouth, but you end up getting used to it. I have ordered the 1200 mg for myself in the past. and just recently ordered the 4000 mg for my senior dog, on a recommendation from my vet. my poor girl is suffering from doggy dementia and just paces constantly and spins in circles. I started giving her CBD twice a day for a few weeks now and it really calms her down and lets her sleep. She’s a 60 lbs dog and i give her approx. a 1/4 dropper twice/day. This dosage seems to be working so far.

  40. Nad (verified owner)

    i’m a new user of CBD tinctures and I’ll have to make some test to reach the dose of mg i need. not disappointed because i had no exceptations but i think i’ll try a stronger one.

  41. Bolbi (verified owner)

    Bought the 500 mg tincture for my girlfriend since she has been very stressed with work which has given her some mild back pain and just overall anxiety.

    The price is competitive. I gave myself a dose as well to test the potency and it all seems to be accurate. She has already noticed that it has helped her back out a little bit. She takes a full dropper everyday.

  42. Olivia (verified owner)

    I use CBD for stress management and I purchased the 2500mg unit, I was very pleased with the effects. The price point was very good too! Will be getting units with lower dosing as it was incredibly effective for me.

  43. Gill_Reviews (verified owner)

    I purchased the Daily CBD 500mg a couple of weeks ago. I find one 1ml of the oil a day works wonders for me. I also love that the oil is made with hemp oil, provides a great taste and some omega-3s.

  44. Sami (verified owner)

    Very helpful for anxiety, three doses a day does the job usually. If not take a few tokes

    As for sleep, fantasizingly amazing knocks me back to sleep.

  45. Nathan (verified owner)

    This is my preferred CBD oil from BM.

    I felt the price is fair, considering the quantity and quality of the oil.

    I am.using the 750 and may increase dosage, but for now I am happy with the results. Using this for long term arthiritis and inflammation

  46. In’trepidüs (verified owner)

    Such a great value for the amount of mg CBD! Cannot go wrong with this tincture! I take it when I’m feeling pain or a headache, and it really works well! Love it

  47. Ghettomike (verified owner)

    This is a great product and budmail has the best price I have found for it. It helps with sleep and with my wife’s anxiety. We have the 1250mg and are really happy with it.

  48. Hal (verified owner)

    This product is helping with sleep issues.
    The price and quality are both what I was looking for .

    Will be ordering again when the CBD tincture supply I have runs low.

  49. JP Gordon (verified owner)

    Just started with this oil and so far working well with a damaged nerve in my back. Reduced the signals sent from the nerve therfore reduceing the pain.
    Will post again with hopefully more releif.

  50. SJ (verified owner)

    Tried this for menstrual cramps, pms symptoms and it worked well. Also helps with anxiety and sleep issues. Doesn’t taste terrible like others I have tried and reasonably priced. Will purchase again.

  51. Melbone (verified owner)

    This product helps after day 3 to be more calm & less anixious ASI go about my day .
    I have also found it has helped me fall into a deeper more sound sleep

  52. Maybe (verified owner)

    Blessed cbd It does what it’s supposed to but I kind of feel sleepy after every dose I’m not sure if it’s a placebo or if it’s the cbd though. I still love it

  53. D.Less (verified owner)

    I bought this CBD 1250mg, Hubby has used other CBD’s n nothing worked ad well as this one for his Neuropathy, his legs n feet felt so good, he couldn’t believe how great he felt,,he had dent felt this goo$ in years,,,since he was diagnosed..as for myself it helped so much as well for my neck n shoulder extreme pain. I give this CBD a five star rating, n we look forward to using it from this day forward. Thx so much #budmail , we appreciate all you do to making all of your products with quick shipping. Very happy customers.

  54. SS (verified owner)

    Started with 1250 and now into 2500 bottle, works great! Sleeping through the night and feeling a lot less pain from a car accident. Able to get back to regular activities and not spend the night on ice!

  55. Dixi (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this product for sleep. I only need a few drops before bed and most nights I sleep like a baby. I tried a product from a government store, but it was not effective – I had to give it away. This product is superior in my opinion and I will definitely be reordering.

  56. Th3DarkCanuck (verified owner)

    This stuff works great for anxiety and restlessness. Usually take it before bed, and it helps with getting to sleep.
    Also seems to help with some chronic back pain. Usually take 40MG / day.

  57. NA (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! I really like how concentrated this product is. I need a high dose to deal with chronic illnesses and I like that I’m not taking several droppers full daily. This will be something I order regularly

  58. Nathan (verified owner)

    Great price for entry level product
    Arthritis and pain from old.motorbike accident.
    Really skeptic at first but the product has convinced me that there is something working for me.

  59. Nathan (verified owner)

    Works right away
    Decent price
    Bought for pain in my knees and will likely try this product again. May go up in dosage but am happy with the results so far.

  60. WALLYLEPETIT (verified owner)


  61. Stella (verified owner)

    I have used the sleep twice now and have to say it really works I gave it a four because I didn’t like the taste, but after a big gulp of water I was asleep in no time. I am definitely going to try the one for pain. Thanks

  62. Mr.Weed (verified owner)

    I recently broke my pelvis so I have been using this CBD oil to get away from the opioid pain killers. I put some in my smoothie every morning and love it! Helps with sleep and muscle and joint pain.

  63. Money (verified owner)

    Purchased for my uncle to help him relieve some body pain and he says it works great. Not 5 stars because it is a little expensive but still great. Will actually need to get more soon for him.

  64. Laddy (verified owner)

    I bought the 1500mg sleep liquid and it definitely does the trick. I prefer this over the capsules because I have a hard time swallowing pills. Would recommend this product.

  65. 6ight (verified owner)


    Love the 1500mg for sleep! I’ve played around with different brands of CBD and can strongly recommend this one. I took the suggested dose under my tongue and within 40 minutes I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I had a super long deep sleep.. during this time of global chaos I’ve been getting horrendous quality of sleep and this seems to be the only thing that really works for me.. with no drowsy lazy after feelings in the morning. Love it 🙂

  66. 6ight (verified owner)

    Love the 1500mg for sleep! I’ve played around with different brands of CBD and can strongly recommend this one. I took the suggested dose under my tongue and within 40 minutes I couldn’t keep my eyes shut. I had a super long deep sleep.. during this time of global chaos I’ve been getting horrendous quality of sleep and this seems to be the only thing that really works for me.. with no drowsy lazy after feelings in the morning. Love it 🙂

  67. Petey (verified owner)

    Really amazing product, and totally as advertised. Bought this for my wife as she has some trouble getting to sleep at night, this has worked like a charm for her, and she also feels less sore in the morning. Great stuff!

  68. riberg (verified owner)

    Bought for my mother for sleep and anxiety before work in the morning. Shes been using it a week now and feels noticeably better. 1250mg option as shes a novice with cbd/thc products. Thanks budmail

  69. bostoncreem (verified owner)

    I bought the 4000mg bottle for my father who suffers from nerve damage. He takes it twice daily and said it’s made a significant difference in his mobility/pain reduction.

  70. BiFröst (verified owner)

    I bought this full spectrum CBD (4000 mg) to try to reduce chronic pain.
    Actually, I use 40 mg three times a day.
    For now, cervical pain is already diminished; depression resolves slowly itself (I can not tolerate antidepressants); I have better endurance; diffuse pain is better relieved. A good 25% improvement till now.
    I give four stars because the taste of the tincture. It could be improve with aromatic essence for example.

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