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Tinctures (Dose) – CBD

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Available in 4 different flavours: Classic (Unflavoured), Lemon Ginger, Pink Grapefruit and Mint. Each 30 ml bottle contains 1000 mg of CBD isolate lab tested to ≥ 99%

Each DOSE Tincture comes with a glass dropper with 0 ml – 1.5 ml markers for precise dosing, along with a
tamper proof seal.

We use the highest quality CBD isolate, fractionated coconut – MCT oil and a blend of essential oils to create the perfect tincture.

DOSE Tinctures improve overall health while they instil a sense of calm and focus.

CBD oil can be used to provide relief from tension, aches and pain. Further to this, studies have shown CBD oil can improve sleeping habits and help in alleviating symptoms of stress and anxiety

Please Note: This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent diseases.

All Dose products are made in small batches on-site for the highest quality and consistency; Dose with confidence

7 reviews for Tinctures (Dose) – CBD

  1. AlexZing04

    This is a great product. We’ve purchased similar products that have been more expensive and this is just as good for less money. Great value for a great product!

  2. firefrog

    Pink grapefruit tastes fantastic. Suffered constant hip pain for over 4 years and was figuring it was just the new normal, after introducing CBD 1mg, 2x a day. Pain free.

  3. Sheila

    Great value compared to other CBD tinctures with equivalent dosing. I like to take this at the start of my day to help take the edge off. It also helps with my back pain. I like the higher dosage in this tincture.

  4. jlo

    i use this as well as my dad
    for me years of anxiety and deperssion have been brushed away with one hard smash from this i really dont get it but im not arguing with feeling good
    on top of this i work out run bike with my dogs etc everyday and my body always aches this take all my pain away and muscle inflamation joint pain it really workss wonders\
    as far as my dad goes wow , he is 72 has been in extreme pain for as long as i remember with back and knee issues that are major and neck and other joint isses that take him thru a lot of pain. 1 week in and hes moving great fugirng out his doage etc, hes getting better everyday body and mind . would highly recommend. i like the grape fruit has a nice hint of flavor but the classic flavor is like putting a drop of water tastes like nothing highly recommend for any people skeptical just get your dosage right and worked out takes time but worth it

  5. In’trepidüs

    I really like the flavor of mint in this one. The oil is super concentrated, so even just a quarter dose gives you a nice and relaxing feeling. It helps me sleep better as well as with joint pain. Highly recommend

  6. Stinkpants

    Been using this for a few months now and from all others I have tried this is my go-to. Mint/grapefruit both taste great. I have been using it almost every day and the effects are noticeable.
    Would most definitely recommend.

  7. Nodi

    great tasting, easy use . i use it post workout and it helps with my digestive system and muscle recovery. really like the pink grapefruit tastes amazing will purchase again .

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