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Tinctures (Herb Angels) – THC

100mg THC, 600mg THC or 3:1 (900mg CBD:300mg THC)

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Herb Angels THC Tinctures

100mg THC, 600mg THC or 3:1 (900mg CBD:300mg THC)

Premium cannabis tinctures by Herb Angels provide a fast-acting way to incorporate the healing benefits of pure cannabis into your daily life.

Organic, vegan and gluten-free, our THC tinctures contain the purest form of THC delivered in coconut MCT oil. This flavorless tincture is a great way to gradually build up your dosage with minimal euphoric effects. THC Distillate does produce euphoric effects.

A versatile format for ingesting cannabinoids. Includes measured dropper with an onset time 5+ minutes (when ingested orally).

THC Tinctures are a dietary supplement that comes in liquid form and has a very potent cannabinoid content. You can take it sublingually or simply add it to your food or drinks.

Sublingually is the most effective way of taking this product. The membrane under your tongue allows for absorption by your sublingual artery. From there, it will travel to your external carotid artery, then through the internal carotid artery, and into your brain.

2 reviews for Tinctures (Herb Angels) – THC

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Super potent! Tried the 600mg THC. Don’t need much at all! Had to order another 2. New fav brand of tincture with absolutely zero taste
    Highly recommend giving herb angels a try!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great THC oil, a fair price for the amount of THC. The 1ml dropper is easily dividable, as 1ml equals 20mg and the dropper is marked with .25ml increments. Zero taste so easy to get down even without a drink.

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