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UK Cheese

AAA Grade | Sativa

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Product Description

UK Cheese

First rushes of effects are mellow and hazy with a buzzing pressure behind the eyes. This churns into a calming body melt while your mind remains focused and present. Long-lasting and potent while chatty and social. A strain-of-all-trades with incredibly versatile effects. Overall, we love cheese here at Budmail, and this UK Cheese is no exception! Grab yours while it lasts!

Previously lab tested at 18.5% THC & 1.1% CBC

Flavours: Sweet, Musty, Berry, Cheese, Sour
Effects: Calming, Euphoric, Hazy, Mellow, Focused
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Stress, PTSD, PMS

Taco Farms is the name of the trusted growing collective we have long utilized here at Budmail.

We have built our reputation on the dependability of our vendors, and they have consistently provided trusted quality for fair prices.

Some of our loyal clientele have fond memories of strains like Premier Line Purple Chemdawg and Stella Blue. In more recent memory, one of our biggest in-house favourites, Strawberry Jerry!

Taco Farms are on the cutting edge in small-batch craft grows. The love and care gone into producing their strains is evident in the final product. Happy plants with impressive properties 🙂

Overall, we’re proud to carry their offerings on our menu!

43 reviews for UK Cheese

  1. sativa_lvr

    I love everything about this bud… from the overpowering smell to the vapor it produces and the buzz.
    Overall, a really great buy (steal?) for the price paid especially in times of price hikes.
    The guy complaining about the trim was maybe stretching to find something negative because mine was great. Few small leaves but nothing to rage about (comparing to SLH from 420 month, which had quarter sized leaves).

    Not overpowering, which I like. Anyways, if I want to get ripped I take some bubble with it.

  2. Shelby

    Great strain. Cheese strains are some of my favorites. Saw this on sale for such an amazing price had to pick up a bunch. Super cheesy and smooth smoke

  3. Lava

    a really nice uk cheese, lot of sugar leaf but I dont mind since I use them for edible and it is nomal for a cheese to be fluffy. More potent then the widow cheese but I like the widow taste better. Overrall will order again !

  4. stickygorilla

    Smells nicely cheesey! Smokes good, doesn’t get you to the moon but it will get you to low earth orbit 😉 I would smoke this in AM before getting into the heavy stuff. Great strain for workouts

  5. Izzy

    Love this strain so much! Smells great, it’s dense enough, and hits perfectly. It’s nice and euphoric while still being super relaxing and a little hazy. Definitely encourages a good nap, lol.

  6. JJ new age CB.

    This is a great true cheese. UK is my favourite for its strain style. Not going to knock you out but deserves its stars.
    If you got a bad grow /batch I could see it being terrible but I have never got a bad batch*

  7. Fireflower

    For the price you can’t go wrong. Sharp roams of cheese with a decent moisture and terpene count. Nice big bright and appealing nugs. Relatively smooth and some what mute taste and the joint goes further. Burned pretty decent And somewhat clean . The high is as described and definitely enjoyable to smoke. Overall i give this a lower 7/10

  8. jlo

    Big fan of cheese . This brought me back to Amsterdam back around 2012 tasting many buds there . Sent me right down memory lane thst amazing cheesy smell and taste. Makes me want cheese

  9. Stonedtothebone74

    Great strain! Huge buds, and the smell…oh the smell! Just like funky cheese. This is my first cheese strain, and it did not disappoint! Really nice in a joint, lots of flavour. Potency wont knock your head off, but enjoyable nonetheless. Thumbs up BM!!

  10. 420Maiku

    Cheese smell of course!
    Great morning smoke and or afternoon home made oil!
    Would also recommend! Potency is there and more towards
    Homemade oil!

  11. Purple unicorn

    Really enjoying the high from this Strain from Taco Farms! I follow you on One of my many Instagram accounts lol this is really nice high relaxing but don’t loose my thoughts. Great for my anxiety. Thank you!

  12. SmokeAnothaOne

    Nice to see a Cheese strain on here, been a few years since I’ve had anything of the sort. I like how the taste is a combo of fruit and cheese (which isn’t for everyone but personally I dig it)

  13. scorpio9

    This bud is the very first of the Cheese strain I have tried and it met all of my expectations. Smooth in a vape with funky flavors of cheddar cheese and walnuts ! Highly recommend as a strain suitable for daytime use and nighttime parties!

  14. daKoma

    This is good cheese. I’m vaping it right now in my Extreme Q. Nice sized, slightly fluffy buds with loads of crystals too. Good cheesy nose and taste. I found it a little harsh to vape, but a nice heady buzz for sure.

  15. AP2000

    Wonderful strain! I get a fair deal of fruitiness with each haul and a bit of cheese. Effects are sparkling and positive edged. I’m going to enjoy this during the day. Very uplifting stuff. Thanks BM!

  16. JT

    Totally mental! For an AAA I can’t understand why it’s so flavoured and smelly not to mention it’s Pungent smell and lingering effects of hazy happy feelings.

  17. gmac

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. That classic line speaks directly to this classic strain. Never disappointed with this one. A great crop here. A nice way to spend an afternoon.

  18. Tdot

    I received the order and it was nice and fresh. I noticed there is a cheese odor to it, but only before you smoke it. Once rolled it was smooth and had a good taste to it. Strong effect and was worth the money.

  19. Baketree

    An all-time strain. Looks identical to pic. Nice buds but I’ve seen the strain look nicer, which was why I could only give 4 stars. Instantly recognizable cheese smell, but I noticed more fruit than I have before. Very nice smell and flavour in a joint was delicious. Great stone as always. There’s a reason that cheeses have been popular since they came out. I’ve already ordered this on 2 straight orders, which I hardly, if ever do with a strain.

  20. Krssp

    I see “cheese” it’s a no brainer instant add to cart. This batch has massive buds with that classic cheese nose. Definitely a day time strain for me. Hope to see more cheese strains pop up thanks BM!

  21. Rev

    Cheese is just one of those hybrids that hits the spot on all occassions. This current batch of cheese is great; funky, fat-ass nug, complex flavor and complex effects that have kept me interested in these genetics. Amazing fake powder cheese smell that mixes with berry fruitiness in flavor.

  22. SourCreamCreamy

    I always loved the cheeses. The aroma and the sticky buds, the smooth taste seeps into your lungs, it all takes me back from the last time I smoked a cheese. I highly recommend this strain!

  23. Jeremiah

    UK cheese is one of my favorite strains! I was so excited when I seen it in stock here. The smell is unmistakable and boy is it ever strong! Solid strain, good high, great smell. Can’t wait to order more!

  24. thicchigga

    Amazing strain overall perfect for anytime of the day, nice relaxing mellowing high, upon opening the bag you’ll be greeted with almost a Parmesan cheesy berry musk witch carried over on the exhale when smoked or vaped 🙂

  25. Experimenter

    First time trying a “cheese”. Great bud aroma! I was also impressed by the super cheesy 🧀 after taste when vaping! Totally true to name. Very happy I bought this! 😊

  26. vanzolini

    Beauty. Classic cheese. Never gets old.
    stanky like old cheese , burns clean, great cheese taste, semi dense buds , decent price.
    nice sativa buzz for daytime.

  27. beansandrice

    this stuff stinks really, really, REALLY bad(and by bad i mean good). super ultra armpits mixed with the smelliest of cheese and some chives. never tried cheese, was not expecting it to stank like this (wow!). buds are really nice too and the flavour is on point. high is intense, with some of that eye thing going on like in the description. maybe this will be a go-to for me? thanks bm : )

  28. SomaDoll

    Intense and thick smoke with a pleasant summer evening high. Great for pain relief. Too much will cause paranoia and couchlock. Really nice smoke!

  29. bender2377

    Crazy smell. Can’t mistake this one. Super buzz, nice big fluffy buds. Would try again. Great, fast, easy shipping.

  30. King Canada

    Incredible perfectly trimmed buds! This one is a crowd pleaser for sure. Nice tangy cheese smell with a hint of citrus on the tongue. It has beautiful orange pistils all over that make it look like some sort of alien herb. Tastes great, affects are strong and psychedelic for me an avid toker. Stay Groovy Budmail

  31. Mean Green

    Super stanky, hard hitting and had more crystal coverage than the picture. This is my first purchase on BM and it’s better smoke than any other sites iv tried so far. Can’t wait to try the Blue Dream. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  32. bluntman

    Nice looking, tigh frosted nugs of goodness, nice bag appeal and nice smoke. My only knock on it is it isn’t really stinky like some of the other cheeses I have had the pleasure to enjoy. Nice smell but have never encountered it. In a way that is good because your room won’t smell like the dank but you will still get ripped. High was a nice blitz to the head in a joint, tasted great and the affects start intense and slowly mellow out.

  33. Budman

    Compared to other premium brands, UK Cheese is a little harsh on the throat. Produces a quick buzz but not as intense as others.

  34. buds ahoy

    tight bud and fairly potent. definitely cheese like pungent aroma with a hint of skunk. would buy again.

  35. purppuffin23

    This strain is amazing, the buds pretty much look orange with all the hairs covering it. Smell and taste are unbelievable. Thoroughly impressed with this one here. Got a massive 6g nug in the bag. Keep up the good work BM!!

  36. Nando

    OMG this shit is tha bomb! numnumnumnum so pretty and tasty.

  37. s46br42

    first off, this stuff STINKS. very unique smell.
    looks great. buds are fluffy and nice, packed with crystal.
    buzz is solidly indica. definitely potent.
    This is some of my favourite I’ve ever had from BM. had it three times.

  38. saucedaddy420

    This has to be one of my all time favourite strains. First of all I have to say the description BM provides is extremely accurate in every way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone has different way of describing their experience and sometimes I find the description of the strains do not match my personal experience with said strain, but I have to say they really hit the nail on the head with this one. The nose on this bud is as funky as a James brown joint, and the smoke is just as funky. The taste is cheeeezy and delicious not to mention smooth. The high is very intense initially and turns into a heavy mellow stone, fantastic for the evening or when you really want to relax. The buds I received are MASSIVE and very easy on the eyes, caked in crystal and beautifully dense. If you enjoy a special smoke and enjoy the aesthetic of the doja as much as the high then this is a must have strain. GET IT WHILE YOU CAN. Big ups to the beauty who grew and cared for this majestic flower and big ups to BM for getting to me. THX!

  39. bedzykush

    was really happy with this strain, smells like cheddar and even tastes cheesy/nutty, top shelf strain

  40. jyojyoma

    Incredible. So satisfying in every way. A taste / high / smell you won’t forget.

  41. Rev

    This UK Cheese is lovely. You get that classic Kraft dinner packet cheese smell, a slightly fruity and cheesy taste and great long lasting high that fits right between sativa and indica. Would…no…will order again.

  42. BMlemontree

    It actually smells like cheese, interesting. Looks fluffy and breaks up nice, has a unique taste to it.

  43. TheWeatherMan

    This is a must buy strain! It really does smell like cheese, and it definitely has some mild cheese flavor when smoked. The high is so balanced and smooth, you feel uplifted with an expanded mind…. Highly recommended.

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