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High Terpene Disposable Vape (Unicorn Hunter)


1x 1.0ml Disposable Vape Pen from $40

Oil Type: HTFSE and Live Resin

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High Terpene Disposable Vape Pen

Unicorn Hunter Premium Disposable Vape Pens are perfect for enjoying the most out of all your activities!

The design is sleek and durable while the functionality is superb. Draw activated and convenient! We use only naturally occurring terpenes to flavour our pens. All of our pens are also fully disposable.

Each disposable pen contains 1.0 gram of product. Discreet and easy to carry with you.

14 reviews for High Terpene Disposable Vape (Unicorn Hunter)

  1. Tarboss (verified owner)

    As far as disposable vapes go I’m not the hugest fan of these specific ones. I always choose flavour and quality over convenience, and I much prefer a cartridge change over tossing a whole pen. That being said you can charge these with micro USB on the bottom, and the top unscrews, you can refill it.

    The flavour tasted like it had additives to obtain an “green apple” terp flavour but only tasted like bad vape.

    Gets you high, but kootenay and high voltage carts are the bomb.

  2. Choul (verified owner)

    These vapes are very thin, so I was afraid the battery would have to be recharged quite often. That’s not the case! In addition, the smoke is very, very smooth. Potency could be better, but the product still is a great buy.

  3. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    I tried out the Watermelon and Green Apple at different times, and I must say, these are some good disposable vape pens. There isn’t anything that I disliked about them, they both had great flavour, both hit good, and the price point is fair. I prefer these vape pens compared to some others that I have tried. I’ll keep an eye out for different strains of this brand.

  4. alilbaker (verified owner)

    I really enjoy vape pens, I ordered the Death Budda and Green apple originally. I have fibromyalgia & insomnia. It sure helps me sleep well and reduce my pain on a night, only need one or two puffs to feel the effects. I enjoyed the Death Budda that much that I ordered another along with Purple Kush to try! Awesome product.

  5. Sour D Yo (verified owner)

    Best little disposable pens out there. Convienent and discreet, if you are looking to get rocked, these arent cartridges/strains to try, these leave you with a great high but still able to function :), thx budmail

  6. nr (verified owner)

    i tried the watermelon on my first budmail purchase. i was expecting the high to be a lot stronger. i really like how discreet and portable it is, but maybe my tolerance is too high for these vapes!

  7. Raine (verified owner)

    This is by far the best disposable vape pen! Great price and great buzz! Love this strain and the Kings Kush was super awesome and tasty too! The buzz is just right, could not ask for any better!

  8. Hmemac (verified owner)

    Great, not to heavy of a buzz. I am starting to like vape pens very much. Easy to use and very portable and discreet. I like that you can use a little or alot depending on your mood.

  9. Tray (verified owner)

    I love how its small and easy to use and the taste is wonderful. So im going to give this a 4 star . I would like to see more disposable pens in the near future..

  10. Mrbigsecurity (verified owner)

    Ive tried all 5 flavours offered here. Death bubba is a k.o stick for me. The pinapple express is a great pick me up and so is the watermellon both great for an energetic buzz however the watermelon will make you sleepy as it peaks. Girl scout and king kush are both intense peaks with puddle effects. Best vape ive had by far

  11. Megs (verified owner)

    Glad these unicorn hunters came back in stock I really like the watermelon has a sweet flavor this one was a little bit spicier.I finally last a long time great they have a charger on the bottom.

  12. Sweet2017 (verified owner)

    Pineapple flavour is sweet and enjoyable. The effect is fairly strong if you’re not an avid oil fan, bit all the same, smooth flavour, and quality device that allows recharging to utilize all the product.

  13. Wpg420 (verified owner)

    Order these on a regular basis. Really nice buzz and very discreet when out in public. I’ve ordered all 5 varieties and you can’t go wrong with any of them!

  14. MarijuanaMonkey (verified owner)

    Seen these guys pop up and couldn’t help myself. Bought King Kush and Pineapple Express, both taste superb! Nice buzz to keep me going and perfect for taking to work. I’ll be purchasing more for sure!

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