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Vape (Airistech) – Airis 8 Multi-Use Vaporizer

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The Airis 8 by Airistech is a wax vape pen that doubles as a dipper. Put the vape pen mouthpiece on to turn it into a regular wax vape pen or remove the mouthpiece and flip it upside down to use it as a dipper. The bottom of the battery also is a mouthpiece when in the dip configuration.

It delivers amazing hits and also releases minimum odour. No combustion, 100% heating and vapour. The oven heats up to the maximum temperature in just seconds providing fast and clean vapour. Perfect for indoor use with limited detection, and also great for on the go.

What’s In the Box:

1 X Battery
1 X DAB mouth piece
1 x C1 Touch coil
1 x C2 Dab coil
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Dab Tool
1 x Pipe Brush
1 x User Manual

6 reviews for Vape (Airistech) – Airis 8 Multi-Use Vaporizer

  1. King

    Just got my shatter and my Airis 8 dab pen and I love it, get so much big tokes, get all the terpene flavour and a lot of smoke off shatter or budder, works so well

  2. King

    I bought this pen and 3 grams of shatter on the 15th to try get it before 420 but I’m waiting until the 23rd, can’t wait to try it, I’ll let you know how much I like it when I get it and place another order for shatter

  3. G2p3nis

    Been using this for a few months now. I like that its easy to use and easy enough to clean. The coils are reasonably priced and i havent got a dud one so far. I find that i need go keep the pen somewhat upright after use or my used shatter will seap through the holes a bit. Id recommend and will probably purchase a second one for long trips.

  4. gogetyourshinebox

    Pretty solid wax pen for the price. Discreet, convenient, and gets the job done! I like how it has the option to switch between a traditional dab or the dipper. Really great pen for the price too!

  5. riberg

    I have owned this pen for a while now, it’s great. Only mentionable con is a slightly low battery life before needing a recharge. Otherwise it’s amazing. The dipper worked well but i unfortunately broke it trying to unclog the end. If BM would stock those that would be awesome!

  6. Flightmonkey

    I have a few pens for dabbing, this is my new favourite. The dipper coil is fantastic, never tried dippi;g before but it makes for a nice hot. Long lasting battery, easy to use. An awesome dab pen!

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