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Vape (Airistech) – Airis MW Wax Atomizer


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Dual quartz heating coil, and separated heating chamber, stock and heating at the same time, making it possible to hold more concentrates at one time.

Only compatible with Airis MW Ultimate Vape Pods Pen.

1 review for Vape (Airistech) – Airis MW Wax Atomizer

  1. KD

    No complaints with this! It actually worked even better than the original one that I got. My best piece of advice with this is to make sure that you’re never flipping the pen upside down or moving it around too much (especially after the dab is super warm). Second tip (this is where I really messed up) was NOT to jam it with shatter thinking it’ll melt into the vape. There are a couple of air holes on the side which allows the air to pass through.

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