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Cannabis oil vape pens powered by C02

Vape pens are a type of vaporizer designed specifically to vaporize cannabis distillates and CO2 oils. They are called pens because the compact design of the vape device closely resembles that of a traditional pen. A vape pen consists of two pieces: a battery and cartridge.

C02 oil is an absolute cannabis extract whereby supercriticial carbon dioxide fluid is used as an alternative to traditional solvent extraction. This product is free from residual solvents or contaminants. CO2 is clean, safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly and non polluting. You will receive a cannabis extract that is high in terpenoids and flavonoids and will provide a reduced side effect profile.

Each vape pen kit comes with one pre-filled cartridge, battery and USB charger.

Contains: 500 mg of Solvent-Free Co2 oil, 350 mg of THC

We DO NOT use Vitamin E acetate to thicken oils, neither MCT or mineral oil in DAILY vape products.


Quality Ingredients

Daily’s  passion is all about making use of nature’s most effective ingredients.

We combine potent natural antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals with our industry’s professional formulated expertise to ensure our products deliver unmatched results and provide our consumers with the best quality products possible.

Everything we do considers people, the planet and our passion.

Our main priority is to be completely transparent about the ingredients we use. We are proud to state all of the ingredients included in our products on individual product pages. We are happy to provide a comprehensive list of all the ingredients we formulate

Addressing Issues Wisely

How you choose to consume CBD/THC containing products may have an effect on the experience you have, mostly in regards to the timing of the onset and the duration of the effect. Inhalation (smoking or vaping) and ingestion (eating or drinking) produce different effects because of the way in which the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream.

Inhalation can produce an effect within seconds, so waiting at least five minutes before inhaling a second time will help control your experience. Be mindful of the potential effects’ inhalation can have on lung health. Heating methods (such as vaping) are associated with fewer negative health effects than burning methods.

We DO NOT use Vitamin E acetate to thicken oils, neither MCT or mineral oil in DAILY vape products.

The effects of ingesting CBD/THC containing products will take longer to experience and may last longer than inhaling it. Be sure to wait about one hour to gauge the level of effect after ingesting CBD/THC containing products.

Our main priority is to be completely transparent about the ingredients we use. We are proud to state all of the ingredients included in our products on individual product pages. We are happy to provide a comprehensive list of all the ingredients we formulate. .

38 reviews for Vape Pen (Daily)

  1. Budnewz

    I am quite surprised on how effective this was. Edibles don’t usually work on me, and I’ve wanted to cut down on smoking Blunts. I didn’t think I would feel the effects of the pen, but it works pretty fast and has a clean taste. I took about 4 small pulls and have a pretty decent buzz. The flavours are amazing! This pen is nice and discreet, I will definitely order another one for back up. Love that they have a lot of refill options! This is going to save me some money!
    Great buy!

  2. 10Pin

    This pen arrived with Super Lemon Haze. It is easy to use with even a small pull delivering effects immediately that lasted about 2 hours. It is easy to carry, easy to charge and seems to be doing the job nicely.

  3. AyAyron

    Great punch, and very discreet way of going to the moon. Also so much easier on the lungs than a pipe or bong. Definitely a new fav way to get ripped.

  4. davedaveee

    Great little pen, provides consistent draws and doesn’t require a button to activate, just inhale! Been hitting mine like a madman for about 3 days now and haven’t noticed any issues. The included Death bubba cart is super strong and effective. Great product, hope BM keeps these around for a long time. 4.5/5

  5. Bigmurph57

    Daily kits are by far the most consistently good set up I’ve ever bought. Battery last forever, I’m still running the same battery from when the company was zenmedical. Cartridges always have nice pull. Big clouds from small tokes. Great flavour and high every time!

  6. Holmes

    First time trying this type of product and was pleasantly surprised. Works very easily and came charged and ready to go. Nice taste as well. Going to grab a refill now that I know I like it!

  7. Lawleighbee

    Love the taste and how smooth this is. I have three now.
    I’ve told my friend at work about it and she is going to buy one as well. Can’t wait for warmer weather to sit at the camp fire and vape.

  8. Mark

    Packaging is good, taste is awesome, potency is all there. Great product. The pen didn’t seem to want to work at first but screwing it in a bit more seemed to fix my issue. So other than that it’s perfect. Price is a bit high though

  9. riberg

    Battery is slick. Doesnt take forever to charge, lasts a long time. Hits extremely well. I have probably 5-6 other pens from different brands (including new govmnt pens) and this is on par, if not better than my previous favourite (Toko, which are extremely hard to find now). It came with afghan og and have since re-ordered the afghan as it is FIRE. 5/5 thanks bm

  10. gpwoyce

    Was looking to order some GSC carts but they were out of stock for just the cart refill, but in stock with this pen. I like having a back up battery and there was a 15% off deal on Daily at time of order so it was win-win. In future I think I found a go to gift for friends and family that partake and would like to make the switch to vaping, quality cart with no nonsense pen battery in one nice little package.

  11. GoanGreenleaf

    First time ever using one of these pens. Was extremely skeptical due to additives being used to dilute the oil from vitamin E to propleyn glycol veg base. I don’t give a shit any kind of glycol is bad.

    Needless to say I read about the co2 extraction process. Watched how clean it is . And then ordered my first co2 oil pen. Fire Og took a pull and immediately started falling back a pool would have been nice I settled for the lazy boy couch

    Didnt have to charge already comes charged.

    Wow the hit is amazing very euphoric hold your head from falling back. This is a great way to feel awesome extremely times a million discreet. I just wish it came with a cap like a marker cap with shirt clip.

    None the less 10/10 for sleek stylish design, functionality time will tell as I ordered 3 cartridges with starter kit.

    it would be beautiful if all the different cartridges came in black instead of white. Nothing wrong with the white tip on the black battery. Just looks a little like piano fingers.

    Thank you Budmail
    Always feeling bluesy. (love the in house artist stickers)

  12. Robirdz

    The Pen is awesome. Super functional and haven’t had any issues even after changing cartridges. The cartridge is waay smoother than refilling it yourself.

  13. Frank

    Bought this pen after Daily changed there carts and they would no longer work in a CCELL battery. This daily pen blows it out of the water. Well worth the 15$

    Order arrived in a couple of days from the other side of Canada. Excellent service as normal

  14. CC

    Ive tried many diff strains …great product…ihis pen is also a favourite… flavourful, clean and effective. Rockstar is my current favourite but all the indica dominate strains have been excellent.

  15. ax

    This product is amazing for a high relief of anxiety while at work or just out and about. Its quick, doesn’t smell, and the flavor is amazing. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a safe way of vaping (co2) instead of other harmful chemicals.

  16. Justin123

    I love this pen. It’s great for on the go and for at home. It gets me pretty high, after like 5 ish hits. It taste great. It kinda reminds me of a joint but smoother.

  17. hi

    Good discrete vape, it “just works”. Cartridge lasted me around 4 or 5 days with heavy daily usage. Pen charges fairly quickly and the smell disappears pretty quickly.

  18. Knomadoobad

    Never vaped CO2 oil before so thought i’d give it a try.
    Decided to go with Zen Medical/Daily cos of all the positive reviews and I’m so glad I did.
    The vape pen itself is great. It fires when you need to and holds a good charge.
    But lets face it, if the CO2 oil aint good then who cares about the pen?
    Luckily the CO2 oil carts are AMAZING!!!!
    I went with Rockstar and four hits of it got me super baked!
    I consider myself a relatively heavy user (my standard edible dosage is 50mg) so the effect I got off four hits from the vape was comparable and lasted quite a bit
    I’m totally sold on vapinc CO2 oils now and Zen Medical/Daily products will be my go to!
    In fact after a couple of days of using this, I placed an order for 4 Zen Medical/Daily refill carts (of different strains)
    This is going to be an expensive habit

  19. Em

    This pen is great. Strong haul. While slightly expensive to refill, it’s very worth it for the quality of the product.
    With no buttons, the pen is easy to use for all smoking levels. Worth the money.

  20. nugtender

    So far so good with this Zen/Daily pen. Very discrete. Love the fact there is no button. So convenient, but admittedly expensive to refill. This is my on-the-go, no other way to smoke tool. The convenience factor is just too good! No issues with battery life, and the unit seems to charge fast. Don’t waste your money on disposables–just buy one of these. It is well worth your while.

  21. ThePickler

    This is a high-quality pen. Convenient, great flavours and the battery lasts a LONG time. I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended if you needed a quick little bump in the middle of the day or if you wanted to haul on it for 10 seconds and melt into laughter or the couch

  22. Sixty

    It is interesting to see what the artificers and alchemists have been up to.
    Until buying this, I was dedicated joint roller and smoker. This is a brilliant bit of technology and works perfectly.
    A word of advice for those similar types who are trying these.
    When you first try it, do not draw on it for a good 15 seconds expecting it to produce smoke like a doobie. You will discover or rediscover the properties of oil vapor expansion within your lungs. After coughing like I haven’t since I used to hot knife oil waay back in the day. I concluded that 3-5 seconds is a good draw 0.o

  23. Dchenko

    Received my Zen vape and after one haul I immediately knew that this was the oil and delivery system available to those who prefer vaping. The oil itself has a great colour and consistency, the air bubble moved very slowly when the cartridge is turned upside down therefore confirming the oil quality. The taste is exactly what I was hoping for, terpenes not artificial flavouring. The battery is great also, very sleek and has good weight that made me feel confident that it won’t get damaged in my pocket. The no button is amazing, just haul for a couple seconds and your good to go! Effects come on right away and feel like you have just sat through an entire sesh. Will definitely be purchasing weekly.

  24. Sandilicious

    Very impressed with this vape pen. I’ve only tried the Rockstar strain that came with it but it’s much more potent than I expected. Tastes wonderful and there’s little to no smell. I’m extremely happy with this purchase and can’t wait to try all the other strains available 🙂

  25. Goonies

    Thanx to @therealbudmail for the event #BudmailFriday each week! I winned this prize and i received my prize! I’m very happy and this Zen medical vape pen is a very good quality products! I choosen White Death and Yeaver for the CO2 oils cartridges.

  26. snackin

    Absolutely worth your money!! Quit buying disposable pens when you can get this one. It is super durable and the strain selection wont let you down. My vape has been through everything including getting put in the washer/dryer, dropped in the bathtub and left outside in the snow overnight and its still going strong!! Plus you only have to charge it every 1-2 refills!!

  27. phil

    Awesome pen! Subtle, sleek, no fuss. Flavour and effects are great. Battery lasts a long time. Would be great if Zen could label the tanks as it’s hard to keep track as I switch between several. Don’t waster your time or money on other pens; this is the one to get!

  28. Rawrii

    First time vaper and this pen was perfect. Smooth and a low choke factor (an issue for me) I went with the Tom Ford Pink Kush to fight a chronic stomach condition and this was so amazing, the first thing that has actually worked. 5 stars all the way.

  29. TRwriter

    First time buying one of the Zen pens. Love it. Good flavour, throws good clouds, and more potent than I expected. I have a fairly high tolerance but I can feel the effects after about 4-5 puffs. Actually bought it for my wife because she has a low tolerance and this helps her dose properly and consistently. Now I want one of my own! 🙂

  30. OnPoint

    Recently purchased the Zen pen – Tom Ford Pink Kush option. Decent pen and the taste of the of the strain was pretty good. Better tasting than most. Will definitely recommend. Only reason giving it 4/5 because the metal mouth piece was chipped and the pen had no labels and looked different from the picture on the box.

  31. CaptainT

    One of the best pens ive tried, smooth and tasty. The lindsay og 1:1 def has that og taste and smell. A higher price point but you can def taste the difference. Would love to try more of the 1:1 cartridges.

  32. gogetyourshinebox

    This is a really nice pen….really simple too no buttons and all that, just pull. You get great hits off it and its pretty potent. Highly recommend as a pen for new vapers/beginners.

  33. Molten96

    Very slick, easy to use, tastes good, and gets you baked. I like that it is rechargable and that new cartridges with a good selection can be bought.

    This is perfect if your a light toker. If not you’re gonna have to mix it up because this only lasted me two nights and that is hella expensive to spend $50 for a new cartridge each time.

  34. RkTheRuggedMan

    Holy cow these pens hit hard! One big hit and I was quite stoned for 2+ hours. I bought a few strains but have only tried the Sour Sunset, was a nice energetic buzz at the start, could really feel it in my legs, nice burn out a perfect bedtime crash. Pen was a bit hash but I believe that was my fault for pulling too hard. Looking forward so some more rips tonight!

  35. DJ Review

    Ordered 2 pens; Sour Sunset 1:1 and Death Bubba.

    Absolutely fantastic, both pack an incredible punch. The batteries that come with these cartridges work very well, last long, and charge quickly. I’ve tried cartridges, oils, distillates, etc from a many different companies, and I can easily say this is the best quality product I’ve come across.

  36. AliceD

    Recently switched over to using the Zen pen and started things of with the Bruce banner strain. It’s great for mornings when you want to remain active. I enjoy not having to hold a button, just inhale and away you go.

  37. chucktrees

    Best vape pen, the battery just works and charges quickly, nothing fancy, just take a hit and enjoy. The Zen cartridges are awesome, very tasty, potent and I never got one that leaked. I tried several other brands and nothing compares to them. Haven’t bought any other brands for the last 6 months.

  38. Fat Jesus

    Great pen for the value. No options offered for this pen to set burning temperature or pre-heating.
    The pre-filled oil was very tasty and effective. Good pen for somone on a tighter budget or someone who doesnt want a fancy pen.

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