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Vape Pen (Shatter Master)

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Variable Voltage Co2 Vape Pen

  • Touch sensor control
  • New & improved operation!
  • Variable voltage [2.7 | 3.4 | 4.1 V]



1. Attach USB to Shatter Master Pen and attach to any USB source to charge.
2. Press on/off button 5 times to turn on
3. Press and hold while inhaling.
4. Press on/off button 5 times to turn off
5. Press on/off button 3 times to adjust voltage. LED light indicate voltage setting.

  • Green indicates the lowest voltage (2.7 volts) It creates smaller but most flavorful vapor
  • Blue indicates medium voltage (3.4 volts) It provides a balanced hit to the user
  • Red indicates the highest voltage level (4.1 volts) It creates the most vapor

Contains: 0.5 ml of Co2 cannabis oil.

3 reviews for Vape Pen (Shatter Master)

  1. LisaJayne

    Really loving this pen! Works great and it has three settings, which helps if your oil is different consistency’s. I’ve used a tank and a half so far and still haven’t had to charge the battery yet. Definitely worth the purchase.

  2. Steve

    Great pen! Battery last a long time. I do prefer the Flyte cartridges as I find they give you a bigger hit also they come preloaded with more oil then other cartridges.

  3. Juicy420

    What a excellent little device to enjoy cannabis oil with. This pen is easy to travel with and take with you on trips when you are trying to be descrete. Cartridges are sold separately but are an easy replacement instead trying to add your own oil. There is a way to unscrew it if you are trying to add your own oil so win/win really.

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