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White Clear Sphere (Mota) – CBD


100 mg of CBD per Sphere

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100 MG CBD

This pineapple-flavoured jelly, made with CBD isolate is a convenient and tasty way to get your daily CBD. It can easily be cut into 5 equal 20mg pieces for accurate dosing.

Strength: 100mg CBD

Ingredients: CBD Isolate, corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, citric acid, sorbitol, natural and artificial flavours and colours, coconut oil and carnauba wax.

21 reviews for White Clear Sphere (Mota) – CBD

  1. NB

    These are great to take with the black sphere! My dad suffers from Parkinson’s and insomnia and these along with the black sphere help him to relax and unwind each night.

  2. 5000

    Good quality product which is perfect for your daily CBD needs It is priced well and a good potency, one slice after breakfast and im good for the day.

  3. Pewpewkid

    It’s a good investment for the quality of this product! The taste is really great and sugary. It really helps my body to relax. I mix it with smoking THC flowers and it’s really great! Would definitly buy again!

  4. D20

    Great flavour and a great addition to my daily CBD oil to add a little treat to the day. Only comment is that it’s hard to section as it’s sticky but overall doable and worth it 🙂

  5. Mi

    Has been very effective for pain in combination with other treatments. My only complaint is it tastes too good and I want to eat the whole sphere at once!

    I use regularly with consistent effectiveness.

  6. Cing

    This tasted so good !!! It gave me the munchies and made me feel tired but the calm effect was not bad. I would like more of a high from it but I would buy it again probably as a gift for my moms chronic pain

  7. Lulu

    I find this is a great product. The taste is amazing and it’s the perfect recipe to feel relaxed and zen. I would highly recommend this one for every day use

  8. Missy

    Great product. I highly recommend this little juicy spear of pineapple! Great flavour. Even better pain relief. Hard to dose on the go though But would buy again

  9. tokeyDAbear

    Really really liked these nice easy way to get some CBD.
    Great taste did seem to help great taste no pot taste at all
    Would defiantly buy again
    Thanks BM

  10. Peach71

    So cute, like a little candy orange, great pineapple flavour. Had the whole clear baby and was finally able to stretch and relax muscles and joints that had been injured and dislocated for over 20 years, loved it.

  11. Greenfred

    I will continue to purchase these, love how handy they are and if you get carried away and eat the whole thing no biggie.Love the taste great help for getting a nice sleep!

  12. Brit

    I didnt read it correctly when I ordered it and thought it was THC but I was pleasantly surprised when I found out it was CBD. Doesnt really make you “high” but it helped me with pain and sleeping. Had the best sleep ever after eating this. Great taste and no pot after taste.

  13. Micky

    Having severe withdrawls from stopping an antidepressant which was causing a severe allergic reaction. This is the ONLY thing that helped. I had it on hand cause a friend recommended this site… and I always wanted to try CBD…I’m so glad I did.

  14. Sam

    Once you figure out what dose works best for you, this is a great product to have on hand. Tastes good, effects are just right, and makes for a great nights sleep!

  15. Stacey

    After years of small dosing THC I finally tried CBD and these are pretty great. I took one before work and had a relaxed, happy, productive day. The CBD definitely helped me with daily anxiety and stress and I didn’t feel drowsy at all. I just wish there were more in a pack. I’m going to try oil next and see how that works. I definitely recommend this product!

  16. Stan

    This is great, my favourite fruit too. I’ll be getting another one of these when I get the chance. I will recommend this to my buddies. Just relax and munch.

  17. Josh

    This CBD candy is great for at work personally, im not a fan of CBD oil so this was a perfect solution. Very satisfied but it did get a little squished from the summer heat, no big deal and there was a warning about that. Just a heads up, might be squished but it still works great 😀

  18. Greenfred

    Really really liked these nice easy way to get some CBD.
    Great taste did seem to help great taste no pot taste at all
    Would defiantly buy again
    Thanks BM

  19. Goldpony

    Very tasty treat in the morning to start the day. Mornings are always better with a lil gummy cbd.

  20. Lea

    Worked well for pain , and the taste was good prefer fritz gummies though

  21. Mesenoth

    I think this is a fun treat. It wouldn’t be my go to if I was aiming for daily CBD, but I found them to be a nice treat, and could see this being used to supplement a CBD treatment. I’ve never had pure CBD before, and this product is definitely not psychoactive. The taste is about as good as it gets with an infused gummy. I’m not sure if it’s placebo or actual effect, but I took this with my morning coffee and had the most amazing and relaxed day at work despite having a conference call and deadline.

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