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White Death

AAA Grade | Indica

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White Death

White Death is a cross of two heavy hitters, White Widow and Death Bubba. Meticulously trimmed while the cure is optimal. A melange of forest greens and violet hues adorn the buds over frosty trichomes. Complex and layered aromas of gas and floral perfume fuse over an earthy/skunky backdrop. Full and rich on the inhale while smooth and creamy on the exhale.

With parents like that, you may expect nuclear levels of potency. This batch proved to be a hit at any time of day for our more active-brained samplers. Excellent for organizing racing thoughts and finding balance in tough times. Centring and calming while long lasting and potent. Grab it while it’s hot!

Flavours: Gassy, Earthy, Musky, Floral, Pine, Skunk
Effects: Calming, Soothing, Focused, Happy, Relaxed
Medical: ADHD, Anxiety, Pain, Stress, Depression


23 reviews for White Death

  1. Halez (verified owner)

    White death is good but not my favourite. It is a nice mellow high I enjoy after an overnight shift but it is quite expensive for what I consider a more average strain. Still nice overall!

  2. WilliamP (verified owner)

    Had a gram of this I’m my last order and this batch seems way more potent and easier on my lungs/throat than the last time I ordered it. I regret only getting a single gram cuz I haven’t coughed once thru the joint and that’s beyond rare these days

  3. BornToHula (verified owner)

    White death is a pretty good bud. Not as potent as some other strains on the menu but has a nice mellow stone. Buds were kinda loose but lots of trichs and rolled nicely with the hash I got. I’ll probably skip this one again though as there are so many options on the menu.
    Thanks BM,

  4. Trapstarr7o5 (verified owner)

    Now thats fire bud. It was beautifully packaged and the buds were big, dense and coated in little White Death Crystals, i personally found it nice and smooth to smoke, helped me ignore tooth pain for a day with its strength and ultimately put me to sleep at night.

  5. Frank Bang (verified owner)

    This one was not my fav. Harsh to smoke and taste is not that great. That being said, the high was decent. Wouldn’t order again just based on taste and harsh burn.

  6. Gruff (verified owner)

    This is a nicely grown plant, its a heavy NA kush flavour that i personal hate, but then there’s an after taste of lemon hash. If anyone has grown and made has trim, theres defo an after taste of that. Not really my cup of tea. Also compared to what I have its a little harsh….

  7. buds ahoy (verified owner)

    Nicely cured with a moist texture and musty pleasant smell leading to an enjoyable smoke that hits well when mixed with hash for an equally enjoyable high.

  8. Sean (verified owner)

    All around nice buds very decent quality for the price point, was a bit dry but bovedas fixed that quick and still held flavour a nice like pine, would buy again

  9. Zemr (verified owner)

    Found this strain to be on the high potency end of the spectrum. The buds that I recieved were mostly small but the size did not affect the quality at all, this was some heavy, hitting cannabis!

  10. acrolix (verified owner)

    Nice and tasty strain, but the buds are a little on the small side of things. Gets the job done, but the high isn’t that intense and doesn’t last very long.

  11. Flower (verified owner)

    love it. white nightmare was always a favourite (most laughter ever). this parent of it is great too 🙂 love it love it love it love it love it love it

  12. BornToHula (verified owner)

    Bought this for my friends.

    Not too bad for a death bubba and white widow cross. Could have been more potent. IMO the big deal purple bubba is a better deal and tasted/smoked better.
    I would consider this strain again.

    Thanks BM!

  13. Nathan (verified owner)

    I am usually really happy with BM products and services. Everything is usually spot on from the speed of services, packaging and product. But White Death is a bit of a let down. Considering you can buy ounces for 100 sometimes of popcorn buds this was a bit of a let down with regards to bang for your buck. Considering you can often get AĂ—4 for an extra forty bucks that might be the best bet. The buds looked a bit “homey”. I am usually easy to please. This is far from a terrible strain but I dont agree with the 5 star ratings other users have posted.

  14. Peek (verified owner)

    White Death has to be one of my favorite strains on Budmail. Small buds, but they break up very nice and hit smooth. The high is pretty relaxing and I find I often can’t make it through an entire one paper – 1 doob will usually do it for me two times. Overall happy with the strain every time I order it. White Death #2 is also pretty good for that matter.

  15. Tinta Dawn (verified owner)

    I read the reviews before I purchased this product, “white death”. I was not disappointed. Excellent stuff and will be added to my list of favourites. Nice green sticky buds, burned very nicely in a joint and no burn out crash after. High lasts a long time. I call this kind of weed “2 toke weed” as you know by the 2nd toke that you are catching a buzz and are immensely going to enjoy the rest of the joint and bag. Definitely will purchase again

  16. gmac (verified owner)

    This stuff is fantastic! I’m very pleased with this purchase. Tastes wonderful. It burns very nicely. And the buzz is quite good. A great price for an excellent strain. Will be getting more!!

  17. PML (verified owner)

    Nice over all feeling, Relaxed sensation. Overall a nice strain Good for late evening smoke. When you open the package nice sent but keep it in a glass jar to allow it to cure a bit more if you can.

  18. KronStar (verified owner)

    5 star AAA for me, better then some of the AAAA. Wicked. smooth, pretty strong or at least sits well with me. One of the better proper AAA’s on your menu. Will buy again and not just good value for price.

  19. Maryjane (verified owner)

    I’m surprised this bud is only rated AAA. It’s very good stuff. The look and taste are amazing. It does lack smell for sure but that’s the only downside. The high is the best part. Heavy high and leaves you stoned but still manage to be active. Eventually knocks you to a gentle sleep. Love this strain and for the price it’s a must try !! One of my new favourites.

  20. Wildcard (verified owner)

    Based on genetic heritage, I was looking forward to a White Widow cross and wasn’t disappointed. The aroma of pine and a hint of lime dank filled the room when I opened the bag. The nugs are properly trimmed, pretty dense, and on first glance look like they have a good coating of trichomes. Smokes smooth hits like a sativa, but after smoking it constantly for awhile had some couch lock effect. For a “AAA” and being on a limited budget I was very satisfied

  21. Crass (verified owner)

    Gassy, nice dense nugs, tastes great if a tiny bit harsh. Strong with a nice well-rounded high. Definitely worth the price, I recommend this one! One of the better “budget” strains I’ve had recently.

  22. Monte Carlo (verified owner)

    Fan of the white widow, wanted to try this hybrid at the price point. Earthy smell and taste, definitely hit more like a sativa at first but later settled into a more relaxed state. Great for the price.

  23. gmac (verified owner)

    This is excellent stuff! Really nice flavour. All of my favourite tastes in this one. Very nice buzz. Also burns really well. I’m definitely ordering this one again.

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