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Yoni Soothe Balm (Mota) – PMS & Menstrual Relief


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PMS & Menstrual Relief

Made with a carefully chosen blend of healing herbs, this topical is highly effective. The CB1 & CB2 receptors located within the skin epidermis easily absorb the cannabis oils found within this blend, relieving pain and soothing your muscles and skin. Our rub contains a beeswax base and blend of skin nourishing oils, helping keep our salve free from chemicals and harmful ingredients.

We have supported cannabis, an analgesic, with other analgesic herbs and essential oils to relax uterine cramping and relieve sore joints and back pain. For example, included in our herbal blend is white willow bark, the active ingredient in aspirin, ginger, which increases blood flow and circulation to the abdominal area, and St. Johns Wort, to uplift the mood and help support the ups and downs associated with P.M.S. Our signature blend of essential oils make this salve both discreet and incredibly enjoyable to use.

Contains: 200 mg of THC and 50 mg of CBD in each 4 oz bottle.

Ingredients: Organic olive oil, avocado seed oil, jojoba oil, organic beeswax, solvent-free THC oil, cramp bark, St Johns Wort, passion flower, white willow bark, chamomile, solvent-free CBD oil and essential oils.

6 reviews for Yoni Soothe Balm (Mota) – PMS & Menstrual Relief

  1. Courtweedies

    10/10 absolutely love this product.
    I recommend it to anyone who has bad cramping and pain .. love the smell and it goes along way!!. I certainly will be a continuous buyer!!

  2. SID

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cream. It is incredible. Not only is it effective in managing pain in my lower back and my belly during my moontime, but I also find the scent is such a perfect scent for when you’re feeling PMSy and irritable. This stuff is incredible – whenever I let someone use it when they’re in pain, they always love it. It isn’t greasy or anything, a little goes a long way and I swear by this stuff now. 10/10!

  3. Kat

    I always have really bad back pain when I PMS and bad cramps so I wanted to try something else out to manage my pain other than Advil or Voltaren. For my back pain, this balm is so effective. Even more effective than Voltaren. Very satisfied with my purchase and I can’t wait to try it out for my cramps.


    Amazing! 100% recommend to anyone that experiences painful mensural cramps. I normally have to load up on extra strengh midol and didn’t have to this month.


    Amazing! 100% recommend to anyone that experiences painful mensural cramps. I normally have to load up on extra strenght and didn’t have to this month.

  6. Dan_Balan

    I purchased this item for my mother who sufferes from MS. When she is experiencing attacks this products effectiveness is visual. Within 15 to 20 minutes of applying the cream and massaging, most symptoms do dissipate. I recommend this product.

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