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Zombie Cookies


AAA Grade | Indica

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Product Description

Zombie Cookies is a potent indica hybrid strain of unknown origin. We believe it to be a cross of Zombie OG and Durban Cookies. This strain exudes a fresh aesthetic of bright lime greens and pale orange pistils. The buds are generously dusted in frost and were cured nicely. The smell is sweet and alluring with herbal notes and fresh pine. The flavour is smooth and inviting and leaves a nice spicy aftertaste. This strain hits behind the eyes with a buzzy uplift. The high then shifts into a balanced and calming stone, ideal for meandering through a park or noshing on some food at a pub. Overall, this strain is great value while being potent and attractive.

Flavours: Sweet, Herbal, Pine, Citrus, Earthy, Spicy
Effects: Euphoric, Uplifted, Happy, Relaxed, Giddy, Peckish
Medical: ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Mood Swings, Fatigue

6 reviews for Zombie Cookies

  1. SourCreamCreamy

    This was a very nice treat. Very sticky, fluffy although filled with a robust smell that just filled my shower (because I toked in the shower). I love the green colour on this baby. This was a fine pick and I would purchase it again, my head felt clean and ready for daily tasks. I didn’t feel that it made me crash too hard either.

  2. SeaHag

    The high is great but I hate smoking this one. It tastes like fresh cut grass and diesel… Like I’m smoking the grass straight from the lawn mower. Might be appealing to some but this is the first time I can recall specifically not liking the taste of weed. Usually weed is weed to me. That said, the high is exactly what I like on a week night. I smoke before bed and this had me relaxed and sleeping like the dead. I’ve had some of the best sleeps with this stuff.

  3. FuzzyFizz

    Dank odours reminiscent of afghani hash. Super smooth flavour, slightly berry and slightly diesel. Coated in trichomes, the buds have an almost fuzzy appearance over a light green hue. Effects are mellow without knocking you out. Great for sleep or a chill weekend.

  4. Experimenter

    A superbly clean and smooth smoke, something you might offer to guests, can’t ever see anyone having a coughing fit with the zombie cookies. In my view, an ideal daytime indica when you need to change it up from your daytime sativas. This will be one I regularly keep in stock.

  5. 420Connoisseur

    it looks exactly like the picture,it ashes grey and smokes very nice and smooth will be ordering this again as i had only got 1g and smoked threw it to quick. thanks BM

  6. sho

    This stuff is crazy! soon as i opened the bag i literally almost gagged, it smells exactly like cherry robitussin cough syrup! when u break it down it smells much more appealing, to me any way lol, its more of a concentrate smell, very very dank indeed lmao.
    this stuff should be quad A. its beautiful, has a wicked kick and awesome taste

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