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Zurple Punch


AAAA | Sativa | Organic

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Product Description

Zurple Punch

Zurple Punch is an exotic cross of Zkittles and Purple Punch. This batch is a truly exquisite offering in every sense. Dazzling to the eyes with frosted peaks on large sappy/resinous buds. Grown organically with love by Skookum while the buds are impeccably cured and hand-trimmed. They also peacock a lovely blend of dark olive greens and ashy violets over vibrant orange pistils. The nose is complex and loud while it greets you with punchy tropical sourness over a fresh citrus and floral backdrop. The flavours imparted are sweet, candy-forward and tart.

The effects are assertive and hard-charging, giving off a gravy-scalp cerebral melt that sets in mid-session. This then blends into a blissful and calming euphoria. Calming while stimulating, and suitable for any time of day! Overall, Zurple Punch boasts a heavy and long-lasting potency but will not railroad your plans.

Lab tested at 26.6% THC!

Flavours: Candy, Citrus, Sour, Sweet, Tropical
Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting
Medical: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, overall we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis. – The Truth is in the Burn.

31 reviews for Zurple Punch

  1. CRnorth

    Was looking for something with some superior flavour. THIS. Is it. Sweet and smooth, with some great potency. Mostly small buds, but all super dense & frosty. Burns to a perfect ash every time. You can really feel this one behind the eyes, great for anytime of day as specified. Amazing stuff Skookum & Budmail.

  2. Sambedamn

    Fruity funky sweetness on the nose with these nugs, burn beautifully, and pack a somewhat hybrid leaning sativa wallop. Delicious dank that’s the definition of craft cannabis.

  3. SativaGuy420

    First experience with Skookum and definitely won’t be my last. The buds are amazing. Very sticky and frosty. Smells amazing and tastes great. This is a top shelf strain and one of my new favorites. I would highly recommend!


    Smell is amazing, light green with a lot of crystals, good sized nugs, breaks up very easy no grinder needed which i really enjoy, better in mornings I find nighttime with this is not suitable end up staying up rather than putting to sleep, inhale very fruity and smooth a delicious delight.

  5. Loop

    Beautiful trichome caked buds, intoxicating nose and a great high that can be too much at higher doses. These buds look and smell like candy you should be eating 🤤

  6. Tikk

    I don’t often write reviews but this bud deserves a good one.

    Stinky, sticky, *tight* buds that burn to a white ash. When it’s completely dried, it gets hard and crushes into something closely resembling the green hash of the ’70s…just after you’d put a lighter to it and slid it between finger and thumb into a powder.

    If the esthetics, feel, and smell of the bud are as important to you as the buzz, you’ll win on both counts after smoking this.

  7. Happy_Alice

    This is my first experience with Skookum, and it definitely lives up to its reputation! Looks, smells and tastes divine. Vaped beautifully. Just ordered more.

  8. Gunpoint69

    Smells great
    Looks good
    High potency
    Definite daytime strain
    Burns black with very little white ash
    Couple buds were a bit harsh
    Flavour isn’t bad
    Almost all the buds were fluffy in my 14g

  9. johnnyboy

    Nice, relaxing feeling with some great taste to go along with it. Originally, I got this as part of the sample pack. Buds were a decent size and dazzling trichomes.

  10. Bricky

    Hey guys have to say this strain of flower is absolutely amazing! I don’t normally smoke Sativa but I tried this stuff it tastes wicked smooth and I loved the high. Felt energetic and calm all at the same time. Them skookum boys are the best! You have to try this strain you will not be dissapointed. Smell the looks crystal on the bud man it’s beautiful. Must try. Thanks keith

  11. Royb

    The terpene profile on this is amazing. To me it smells like a good red wine. Ive smoked hundreds of strains and I’ve never experienced terpenes like this. The high was solid. It is very enjoyable to smoke but even better in the vape. The ash was pretty white and the smoke was smooth.

  12. cate

    this is my firstt time ordering a Premier Line strain and so far definitely worth the few extra dollars. I have a very high tolerance and this bud got me good. Great stuff

  13. Fugen

    One of my favorite varieties I’ve tried… this stuff is just like the description, it has a strong aroma with an earthy-fruity flavor and a great high!

  14. SmokeAnothaOne

    Any of y’all who see my name on here often would know that I don’t hand out 5 stars regularly. This stuff is just… wow. Everything about it is absolutely perfect and you NEED to try it man!

  15. Bud Master Kojer

    Bud – 4.5/5 Budmail – 5/5

    I bought this for the terpene profile on the lab report because it’s crazy, at almost 27 mg per gram of bud it’s the highest I’ve ever seen. It’s more than likely a different batch given the much older date of the report but I bet it’s still a high number given the wonderful smell and flavour of this strain.

    The smell is wonderful and complex. Sweet, floral, citrusy, woodsy, piney, hints of mint and fermenting fruit. The sweet minty flavour comes through on the exhale for me.

    The high is great. Almost immediate body high, with a nice mellow head buzz that’s a slight creeper. Not a knockout like some strains but definitely a nice relaxing feel-good sedative.

    My only complaint is that the bud is quite leafy. Usually I find that as a sign of weakness or inferior bud but not this time, plus there was zero shake in the bag so it was cured well and not too dried out. I would absolutely buy this again.

    Budmail’s Service was once again impeccable, fast shipping great products, and even a small gift of 1g of Cactido sativa, which was a wonderful treat, and despite me not being partial to sativas I have to say it was a damn good one, didn’t give me anxiety like most and no racing thoughts, just a good, alert and functional high. It had a very nice smell, super pleasant, sweet and fruity/floral like a nice glass of wine and the taste was great, sweet and grassy like a nice cup of guayusa tea. Beautiful looking bud too, all forest green with vibrant pale-orange pistols and caked in trichomes.

  16. duke420pack

    Love this Strain. So Good. Smoke is smooth and high is great. Long lasting highly recommended you get yourself some. Glad it came back in stock. Probably gonna get more

  17. Corcor

    Just amazing. I love how it has the one multi smell I can’t put any fingers on really before squishing the nugs and getting the other citrus lemon(Mr clean kinda).. man is it potent.. it’s also perfectly harvested.. squished nugs air back up. So happy with this one.. I like more than the jelly punch I had last time.

  18. RyanOkaitok

    Awesome stuff a little fluffy but perfect all around from the trim to the smoke and high.

  19. Nodi

    very impressive trichomes on this one, relaxing sedating effect, lasts very long . It has a very pungent strong scent. the scent has grape smell and you notice it when you open the jar, busts very good in the grinder. i noticed that this burns very well as well

  20. Transporter

    Good stuff. I would order this again for sure. Smelled great and burned even better. Never have any complaints about it. Shipped out fast. Thanks again

  21. Linksblueocarina

    I can’t believe this strain is back ! This is one the best premium line Indica the look , smell and taste is amazing. I highly recommend for everyone to try some and get it before it sells out!
    My only complaint is that the trimmings weren’t perfect as some big leafs we not trimmed show cases those beautiful orange buds.
    Thanks BM 😄

  22. lostintheclouds

    Definitely a good bud, wouldn’t repurchase personally based on preference but it definitely has a nice kick to it and hits you nicely. Good taste and high for sure

  23. Jd

    Yes. This is great bud. Firm, dark, dense, cristally buds, with a dank aroma that knocks you in the face when you open the jar. Great relaxing effects.

  24. pancake man

    I am a veteran smoker as well and have been buying for a long time and have to say this is the best bud i have recieved from BM, top notch , heavy hitter, and still functional. Definately will buy again . If you dont buy it when it comes out again that would be awesome because I want it all! lol

  25. Herbalisst007

    Veteran smoker here , Ordered an Oz of this sweet smelling sticky herb and reminds me a little of the infamous C4 I ordered few months back not as fruity to the nose solid nugs beautiful eye appeal , buzz is definetly a hitter , smoking some as I’m writhing this review , somewhat spicy taste wise , smokes really nice-not too harsh on throat , white greyish ash , I’d leave some out to dry at least 30 min to an hour before rolling one , this one is the stickiest I’ve ever got from BM and I’ve tried almost the whole flower menu in the last 5 months , I would definitely recommend as a functional Indica ,a calm medium cerebral high , light body buzz , no anxiety at all and this is half way threw a 1-1/4 Dube , definitely can see my self couchlocked and end up staying home if I smoke the whole thing , so if your an indica smoker and want to be functional during the day a few hits of this will keep you focused and calm , too much of it would be best in the comfort of your home ; definitely a 5 on 5 for me !

  26. SaskStoner

    As an avid mature smoker, this is now one my new favourite strains. Usually the premier line is top quality and this is no exception. Ordered 1/2 oz and have been savouring each dense bud, there is no filler here. The taste was amazing and it smoked and vaped excellently. Will order again.

  27. Highlander

    This is my first Premier Line purchase. Only got a 1g test. Very nice bud. Got 2 large dense buds in my order. It’s pretty much as described. It’s daytime here and I sorta wish I did it at night because i’m very relaxed now. It’s expensive in comparison to a 7-8$ bud. There is a difference in quality. I would definitely get this again next time around, probly grab a 3.5 or 7.

  28. gogetyourshinebox

    Beautiful looking stuff and it smells even better. This stuff is gassy as fuck and when you oen the jar you get this blast of grape right up your nostrils. Absolutely a premier strain highly recommend!

  29. Magicactus

    You can always count on the Premier Line for incredible quality for your money. The buds are beautiful… bright colors just like in the picture display. The scent… very earthy, and more so once ground… you know its strong just from the scent… nice mellow body stone going on… good evening smoke.

  30. Greenfred

    Great tasting pot smooth with a super kick great buzz last a long time nice and smooth defiantly worth the little extra.
    Your worth it pick up some you will not go wrong.
    Don’t miss out !

  31. spacey

    WOW!!! Very Impressed on everything smell, taste and high. Talk about a punch to the face lol noo really this right here talks for its self, you guys don’t wanna miss out I got a half Oz wished could order more BM you the best thank you for the experience 👍

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